Please consider establishing "BOT ONLY HOURS"

Smilegate / AGS:

Since you are obviously unwilling to take an aggressive stance against botting and illicit RMTs, perhaps it is time to consider another solution.

Please consider establishing “BOT ONLY HOURS”. That way the bots could have the total run of the game, filling the server bandwidth entirely for their nefarious RMT goals. During this time real life players would not be permitted to logon to any of the game servers. This time would be specifically allocated for bots to farm resources.

This will allow the botters to stockpile gold and mats for the other group of players, the people using RMT with them, that you also refuse to take a hard stance with.

Bots get isolated, guaranteed server time where they don’t have to worry about queuing (WIN). And RMTers get guaranteed botter inventory that they can spend their money on (WIN).

Making things better never means making things better for everyone.

:rage: :rage: :rage:

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Don’t people have different timezones? When will bot only hours fit?

I think that perhaps we should open a dialogue with the botters to determine what timeframes will best suit their purposes. You know - work with them to make it most convenient for their needs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean if they’re bots, they’re working 24/7. They’re only programs lol.

Just open a new server for them, they can still mail/use ah

And what makes you think bots will abide by this rule? They are already breaking rules by botting and RMTing.

So not only will they happily bot during bot only hours, they will happily do so during player hours too.

Oh, this would not be to remove bots from real player playtime. This would be specifically to secure guaranteed bot playtime. For the bots.

Also, if you aren’t tracking the thick thread of sarcasm in the OP, you should probably scan it again. :stuck_out_tongue: