Please consider including Silver in the event rewards next week


I’m looking forward to the event rewards next week, but in my experience at 1370 already silver is a big bottleneck. I feel the people complaining about the dead zone do not yet have the game knowledge to generate the silver needed and have not been preparing. So they will hit this wall hard.

So when you all give them a bunch of mats to push them to 1370 it’s very unlikely they’ll have enough silver to even get there, or get very far once they are 1370. I think ~500k/week for the event would be a good event reward. It’s not enough to solve the problem, and the players still need to learn how to generate silver to progress in the game. It will help alleviate the initial shock though that a lot of these players will experience.

well t2 and t3 content used to give more gold too… that gold could be used to buy silver too… the water dungeons… 1300 gold instead of 300 in the water dungeon and 2500 instead of 1400 in the punika abyss dungeon… that alone can be transferred to 200k silver per week… but the higher the content gets the more value drops have^^ a drop worth 50k gold can give u 5m worth of silver… but yes we need silver rewards in events too over time…