PLEASE create real "feedback" system

Please create a simple system, such as an in-game submission tool, for feedback and bugs.

As a software developer, I know that if you genuinely want to improve your product, you should make bug reporting effortless. Using the forums is not great. It’s clunky and it seems like every post just gets lost in a sea of other posts

Why do I ask? I believe you would get a LOT more high quality feedback to help you fix things that you didn’t even know were problems if you lowered the barrier for entry. I have at least a dozen little, tiny, unrelated gripes with the game, but I’m not going to put in the effort to make a dozen posts, because I have near-zero confidence that any of them will be reviewed by an official. Things like “I can see a few pixels of Thirain’s sword tip hovering in mid-air during the MSQ” and “Urr hits the wrong model (a sword blade) with a hammer while crafting a crown” and “The voiceover from the Nameless Tombstone incorrectly says ‘I will not stop RESTING until my last breath’”

As it stands, someone who has never submitted feedback before will have to:

  1. Create a login for the forums
  2. Search for an existing topic (hard to do when everyone’s linguistic style is different, and some people title their posts stupidly like “I found a bug”)
  3. Try to write a post clearly so that others will read it and comment on it enough to get visibility from devs
  4. HOPE that someone notices it instead of being swallowed by a black hole among thousands of other posts

Instead, could we just have a button inside the game that opens a dialog window where you can select your feedback type and fill out the necessary info? The hope would be that every one of these would then be reviewed and actioned on (if legitimate). Then you could have someone submit a bug report right at the moment it happened, while everything is still fresh in their mind. You could even capture a snapshot of the last few minutes of gameplay (current location, recent quest progress, last objects interacted with, last cutscene played, etc) to improve the quality of the report further.

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It will be nice if there are a few moderators who will answer all questions on the forum.
Because I saw only one these days and he answered only for a few threads.

Any ingame development feedback will have little to zero impact on the game, Smilegate are the ones who produces it and deliver core changes, the only feedback that would be proper is Translation,store or character customization etc.

Seem like thay gave up that. People are pissed and tired of there non answers/posts.

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They answeres only those who had more views I guess.

Amazon doesn’t care. They barely even communicate.