Please Delay all contents

Think about contents update after you deal with bot problem.




cant believe we are getting queues every server

NO!!! Why didn’t you even ask them to close down the whole western region???

NA can be closed leave EU out of this :stuck_out_tongue:


Please delay all your post


??? just delay content for this dude c:; real note tho ags should do another ban wave(but should not affect f2p players)

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I have only 1000 mokoko we need to delay everything until i catch them all xD


is this a serious post? cause i feel like it isn’t…

you’d be surprised

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i’ve seen worse and they were serious so i guess that answers my question :joy:

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yuuup XD

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there no queues on euc :open_mouth:

Objection hearsay.

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If they widen the gap bettween f2p and paying players, f2p will leave because playing catch up is not fun. If F2P leaving and they will not see it because bots will fill that hole. So what they will get in the end is whales + bots… and you know what that’s mean.

Guess who back…bots again.

Yes I am serious. sorry that I didnt expect you to understand or ask the reasoning thoughj :slight_smile:

I am more surprised at yout inability to think! expected more people to understand the relationship between content and updates :slight_smile:

what do you mean ??

dont feed the troll

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