Please, delay Valtan hard mode. (Not normal mode.)

You guys came out and apologized about Argos, when you’re planning on releasing normal mode & hard mode at the same time? 1445 is going to be extremely hard(close to impossible) to hit without spending thousands. This is quite literally Argos on a much higher scale, and something that matters a lot more.

Valtan normal mode should still be released may, but hard mode needs to be delayed. We should get the 1430 legion raid after that, and then the Valtan hard mode (1445) after that one. Otherwise you guys are just showing us that you don’t care and argos wasn’t a one time mistake, but instead the first of a series.

As for those that like to defend these actions and say “Just play at your own pace, you don’t have to clear it day one”. MMO’s are the most fun (IMO) experiencing and clearing content on release. I understand you can’t release content based on the super casual players, but when players that have logged in daily since release and put in 3-4 hours a day aren’t going to be anywhere close, that’s a huge issue. When players who’ve logged in every day since release for 6+ hours are still probably not even close, maybe just scraping by if they played the market and were very knowledgeable about the game beforehand, that’s a very CONCERNING issue with the game.

You’re pretty much saying that if you want to play this game an end-game level, you have to swipe heavily. I understand that you want to catch us up with the other version, but you can’t do that by screwing over anyone who doesn’t pay. You either need to release content in a better schedule (1415 → 1430 → 1445 → etc, instead of 1445 first.) or give us huge boosts to mats/honing in the month beforehand. 1445 is a very long milestone for players not spending on progression.

This is coming from one of the no-life players doing 6+ hours a day. I’ve only spent on the plat founders and plan to spend more on outfits if I continue to play. I shouldn’t feel pressured into spending a ton more to get gold to upgrade.


1415 to 1445 is actually really hard to get to. If you do some math you can make an estimate of how much mats is needed. The required amount on average is insane. A month of playing 7 tier 3 alts would not be enough to get you from 1400 to 1445, not even close.


then the situation that happened with argos is going to repeat itselft, west mentality is more like “a race” and people would feel like its p2w that only whales are able to do that content.

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Instead of saying delaying Valtan hardmode , you should be saying add Vykas legion raid. She is the bridge between Valtan normal mode and Valtan hardmode which the entry for the raid is at 1430. To complete your relic set you need her drops as well to craft the complete set.


You can check the required materials using maxroll! I believe from 1400 I needed around 2630 leapstones. Playing my alts will get me more than enough guardian/destruction stones assuming average luck.(just barely more) but even with all of the alts at 1340, I’ll have around 1700 leapstones. That’s with 8 chars and salvaging argos+oreha mats for the bonus leapstones. Not to mention the 250 gold per try. It’s absolutely insane, I agree.

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For me, it’s not a race, it’s just that I don’t want to fall behind content releases just because I don’t spend thousands. I understand that a lot of people won’t even be 1415, but players who are dedicated to the game and spend the time and effort should be able to keep up without falling behind IMO.

Do you mean releasing her at the same time? or instead of hard mode? Releasing both normal modes and no hard modes would be a step in the right direction, although I do think 1430 might be a bit sketch, but definitely a LOT more doable. Most of my friend group could definitely do 1430. If they released both + valtan hard mode, that would still have the same issue IMO.

Yes I would agree releasing her at the same time with Valtan would be better in the right direction. But you know how gaming companies are , they would want to release her as part of a major patch update.

No you only need 250k honor shards + 2k great honor leapstones + 90k guardian stones (forgot how many destruction stones) and about 2k basic fusion material to hit 1445 from 1415. And thats without using ANY support materials

I cant play it by release dayyyyyy , why should others??? Mimimiim

Ps: oh maybe i should add that 1445 is just +17 on all equipments because from 1415 on each upgrade gives 2.5 ilvl (in case you didnt know) so the difference between 1415 and 1445 is not as drastic as it sounds


What part of the game are you at? Are you pressured into argos now? Are you pressured into the first t3 raid? Are you pressured in the first t2 raid?

No one is pressuring anyone you merely think for some reason you need to be at the same point as the top end player.

This game has a huge spectrum of content and being at a b or c is neither better or worse than the other


or if they don’t wanna delay just the hardmode howabout give us trial abyssals, trial guardians, and 1415 chaos dungeon with southvern.

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It’s not the same as Argos, because that was with a few days notice and literally no help from AGS.

People crying about 1445 without having a clue about what mats sources / gold infusions that will be implemented over the next month :man_facepalming:.


Another push content back post surprise surprise, then tomorrow it’ll be why are their no skins or content in our game but forget you just asked them to push back content again!



  1. 1445 feasibility :

i dont swipe (plat pack only)
My main is 1400,83. Just finished to push an alt 1385. And got 3 alts 1340 And i got remaining :
40k blue
10k red
520+ great leapstone.
And stacked up honing materials of 3 last weeks on my main.

So basicly id say im halfway from 1400 to 1445, if we keep having similar honing help i’d say in one month im 1445 100%
So it looks fine realisticly speaking if you play the game correctly 5h+ / day + knowledge and efficient guild.

The REAL issue in this topic and that has not been discussed is the following :

  1. Valtan normal vs hard :

Valtan normal = legendary gear
Valtan hard = relic gear ( builds up to 33333+)

The issue will be (as usual) : whales.

If you are in the small portions of players able to down Valtan hard day 1 of release you know you will sell those items for a UNREAL price that impatient childish whales will defo pay for.

At this point the economy will crash again because of those sales and we will relive Argos chaos once more.

If only valtan normal is released there will be a larger amount of players who will be eligible to get the whales gold and the spread of wealth will have a lesser impact on economy.

THIS in my opinion is the real debate to have.


amazon we’ve pushed back content long enough, its time to just keep releasing content to catch up to korea =) please dont delay


Is 6+ hours already considered no life? Thought that would start at 12 hours+

Don’t delay any more content. Our version will suffer even more if we don’t catch up asap. we need the missing content thats actually fun and engaging and not this void mess we have right now. Get your fomo in check, if we had kr version you would just buy argos set, farm more gold and chill. Instead you are forced through this weird mess sg and ags created.


I have extreme difficulties to understand how on earth it matters than Valtan HM and NM are release at the same time.

So basically you are complaining because they will release Valtan HM now and you will not have access to it immediately ? I mean you’ll have access to Valtan NM, it’s not like they release a new engaging boss and you cannot do it…

Did you complain that they put Punika it the original release but you had not access to it back then ? Did you complain when you reached T3 that Abyss HM were avaiable to 1370 player but you had not access to it ? Did you complain everyday that there exist a 1400 ilvl req. Chaos Dungeon you can’t access ??

Do you think we should remove 3090 from the market because you can’t afford one ? Common it’s start being ridiculous.


Not going to lie, i have around 413 hours on this game and i doubt i will be even close to 1415 when Valtan lands, and i do dailies, 2x chaos and 2x guardian raids everyday. With them being so adamant about not increasing honing rates, i doubt they will be able to release Valtan at all in May if they are going to stay true to their word of not releasing content before a lot of people are ready.

Not at all. If relic trinkets are whale-territory (just like, btw, legendary trinket was Whale territory since GAME ORIGINAL RELEASE from HM Abyss) it doesn’t matter they’ll sell some to each other and that’s all. Plus the economy crash was massively due to 99% of gold seller/bot being eradicate from the game.