Please delay Valtan if necessary

I am tired of seeing all this posts about Valtan and decided to give my opinion.

I really hope Smile Gate, does not simply rely on this petty begging that is going on, in Lost ark forums.

Its important to be released for sure!, but the pace of which content is released should not be dictated by this people that are requesting it on the forums. Most of them play an absurd amount of hours or heavily swiped to reach those crazy item levels.

Please don’t do the mistake of simply looking at this whining posts!
Please rely on player data for your decision, there will always be complaints.


I agree make sure to check that my account has 4 1415 alts before releasing valtan


I’m unclear how you are not 1415. the sheer absolute lazyness of other players should not effect people who actually play the game and don’t stand in punika dancing all day dancing.


bruh the game gonna suffer if we don’t get him soon

Someone seems to have FOMO.

exactly this!

why the fk does it matter now if you reach 1415 in 2 weeks or not, since you didn’t EVEN manage to get there in 3 months after release?

Just play at your own pace. Valtan is not gonna leave after 2 weeks.

They are well aware of gaps and the long-term effects of such gaps on the overall experience regardless of stupid ppl anecdotal evidence.