PLEASE delay Yoz's Jar!

The in-game economy is in a bad state, crystal prices at an all time high. So much RMT happening and a lot of players will not be spending money in-game when they could RMT for 3-5x the rate and use that for the jar instead. I see guildies and players debating if they should RMT with each new day. There is also a lot of players who will not be spending anymore money because of the recent issues, myself and alot of my friends included. Adding a lootbox skin system is NOT what we need right now, fix the current issues and delay this for when RMT is more under control.

This is gonna lose AGS/SG a lot of potential money unless RMT is more under control (permabans or deal with bots) and until it’s actually more rewarding to spend in-game.

Please use some of that business intelligence. :slight_smile: @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


How about you change Yoz Jar to not be a effin lootbox?


bUt YoU Don’T hAve tO bUy iT!!1!


it comes whatever u gonna say. as it should.

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Not saying it shouldn’t come. It’s unwise for them to release it in this state of the game, they’re going to lose out on profit and upset the community once again. All I’m saying is they should seriously consider delaying it for 1-2 months after they have RMT more under control :slight_smile:

They’re already not releasing any good outfits, unless they plan on reworking it best get it out sooner rather than later ~

RMT and bots should be fought at the same time. Delaying content because of them gives them power.

While i do agree they should focus on bots RMT, delaying content or cash shop would be worse. These issues are not going to be solved in days weeks ir months and we are already behind in content classes and outfits.

I am against this delay because i want my legendary outfits and will be swiping (legit through steam) to get them.

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MAN STOP delaying things OMG im so tired of ppl trying to fk the progress…

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I don’t think Crystal prices being at all time highs are strictly due to RMT. I’m F2P minus founders pack and my income is about 100k per week at this point between items stones and gleaps.

Inflation is happening due to increased gold income. I’ve put a bunch of gold into the blue crystals got about 20k of them at the moment because gold inflation is happening. Expect the price to keep rising.

Your “100k income per week” is BECAUSE of bot inflation. You’re using the market to produce that amount, not gold generated through in game activities. It’s not strictly due to RMT, because players do generate new gold, however it is primarily because of RMT due to the amount of gold it generates

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um. How about the gold that comes in passively from doing Oreha, Argo, Valtan? you can’t say that its primarily RMT.

Problem is the CM’s are not repyling on any of the YOz’s Jar topics, I’LL LET YOU GUESS WHY!
@Roxx @Shadow_Fox


Delay this, delay that. The only gaming community I know of that doesn’t want new / additional content in a timely manner.

I usually don’t use this word but man, cringe :’)

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I mean market crashed when bots got to t3. I remember when gleaps were 800 and i was making 14k a day from those alone in 2 characters.

That wasn’t bots, that was the rest of the player base catching up. The demand from whales had vastly outstripped supply.

Calculate how much of that a week your roster produces, I guarantee it’s nowhere near 100k.

We have no way to know the exact influence of bots on market price. From 800 to 100 in 2 weeks and stabilizing at 100 since even as more players catch up disproves that already.

I was there, a ton of players were hitting T3 everyday. Reddit and the forums was encouraging literally everyone to sell their T3 mats ASAP. I had buddies running chaos dungeon 8 hours a day to farm mats, The leaps were never worth 800g, the only people buying them were whales. Once enough supply was introduced into the market, the bubble collapsed. You can say it’s bots but back then there was far, far less than there is now. Also, just because more players enter the economy doesn’t mean leaps are going to go into the dirt, there’s a base level demand for them and they carry an opportunity cost for the player farming them. If the economy for leaps was being heavily influenced by bots we would have seen their price hyper inflate due to the chaos dungeon change, instead they’ve fluctuated as normal.

Between the raw gold almost approx 35k and all the bound materials its significant. Regardless of RMT players the items i sell would still have a value their value would not be 0. The whales would still whale through the store. The value might be decreased or increased we don’t know.

The Jar is not Content.
Its a Blackhole where you can throw money in. Sometimes spitting out a Price.
We could get something good like that just to Buy. But instead we getting Noble Set No.2