Please disable gold and item sharing via mail to stop bots

Look at the gatherable prices. I would suggest the lower exchange is due to the lower prices of items on the market board. Who will cash out when everything is so cheap?

Materials arent the only way of generating gold. There are plenty of other sources.

It would slow bot influence to almost nothing if you restricted transfer of items/gold (mail/trade/AH) behind an accomplishment that is extremely difficult to bot like tower or vertus.

Ultimately bots continue to flood the market and ruin the game’s economy, and nothing you do with an anti-bot tool will “fix the issue at the source”. Other games have had bot problems for 20 years and aren’t able to fix it.

For now there should be a more immediate solution even if it’s not fully effective just to help like adding phone requirement for creating an account or lifetime $5 steam purchase instead of letting bots run rampant for months while tools are “improved”.

If an extreme minority of players are impacted in some way (and let’s be real, you don’t really need to use the AH for a while) to actually help mitigate the largest issue the game has, that seems worth it to me.

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Roxx, this method of dealing with bots will always be a cat and mouse game. I’ve seen it far too many times. Hackers will always find a way around anti cheat measures. You guys must impose restrictions on new accounts. Most, if not all, modern (f2p versions of) MMOs do this. Lock mail, trading, market, and area chat until certain conditions are met in game. This allows for your detection methods to catch bots before they’re able to affect the game in a negative way.

LA is in a sorry state right now :frowning:


This makes me believe at least half of all active players are bots…

There’s not a single legitimate player who would attempt to sell their T1 stones for 1g, especially given that the botted stack is already at 300k+, and they would never see the gold before the listing times out.

Let’s make it so we need some official info to be link to the account.

You create a account on the Lost Ark website let’s say - and in the process you need to provide a valid phone number. A phone number can only be used once, unless a critical situation happened and a proper appeal has been processed through.

On top of that you need to have a 3 way link between your accounts : Amazon - Lost Ark - Steam )

Not saying it would stop the bots 100% but I think we would be in a far better situation than we currently are in.

I do not support any solution that wants to harm real players so we can get bot off the line.


Real players are already being harmed, and not newbies, dedicated players who’ve given AGS/Smilegate hundreds of hours and/or dollars. The issue should be solved by any means in the short term, imo.


Exactly, they say by next update they are making it top priority so I am eager to see the changes this will provide us all. But in the end yes it need to be dealt with and managed continuously

That is the case for all other regions. Mats eventually go to that price. It has happened since day 1 in KR not just here. Its the way the economy in game is with mats.

People keep saying this but they don’t understand the sheer volume of materials. Less than one week ago, before bots switched over to selling materials from earning raw gold, there was barely any supply for most of those items. Prices were more than double. How is it excusable that because an item has a value in another region it’s okay?

Fish is 150+ Gold per 100 in Korea btw.

Its not,people saying it, its the actual market talking and providing data, statistics and giving those details. Its all regions not just one. Mats are not there to make gold, its the high end items on t3, gems, books, etc that generates that high amount of gold.
Also, mats should not be high anyway because the real gateway is the low honing chance later on on legion raids in late game.

The market talking? Please. Hundreds of thousands of bots are dumping their materials. It’s not natural economics

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How do you know that? Are you saying all market regions is not true data? If you wanna make gold from mats, this is not the game for you the as every other region has proven.

What are you even talking about? I’m talking about the western server’s economy. Yes, at late game when legion raids are implemented and everyone is T3 because there’s powerpasses, there’s obviously an abundance of materials. Excusing our issues that no other region has had to this extent because of a server that has been available for 1-3 years makes no sense.

You are so right, it is very important to find a solution for that.
Cell phone number is something I highly like.
I would go very far beyond if necessary to punish the botting network, hell yeah!
Every RMT transaction is hurting the whole economy and is also a loss for the company.

The western economy is 2 months old. Nothing is fixed and everything is unstable. Eventually it gets more stable but even then has peaks like any other mmo, when classes are released, etc.
There is almost no market for T1 and T2 as its not current content.
In T3 you will have thousands of mats going around and they will drop making it hard to make margin from it.
So I don;t understand whats your point on not making gold from mats on a 2 month economy where clearly a lot of players have made ton of gold from T3 mats (gradually going down as is meant to be).
Like they said if you worry about the botters, the focus should be on them and the EAC (which btw is garbage with PC performance).
If they had their own launcher so many things would improve.

have you thought about either phone verification or only allowing trusted steam accounts?

So I don;t understand whats your point on not making gold from mats on a 2 month economy where clearly a lot of players have made ton of gold from T3 mats (gradually going down as is meant to be).

You don’t understand why we would want to make gold from life skilling and other early game activities while the game is fresh and demand is high? Bots are inflating the supply of everything, then taking that gold and selling it to players for 50c per 1000, much lower than ingame exchange rates.

I was enjoying taking the game at my own pace but I guess we need to stay on the rails now and only enjoy 1370+ content

btw there are chaos dungeon bots in all tiers, i’ve seen them :frowning:

Unfortunately that is the way was designed, T3+ content. Also its the way we have been rushed to T3 from them too. Life skills not intended to make gold apart from foragging for pots and battle items.
Your point will not be fixed by disabling anything honestly, this is proven from KR anyway. There are other better ways as mentioned before.