Please disable gold trading

I dont understand really. Do you Amazon try to log into the game?

  • Dont you see 10.000 people in queue in Mari?
  • dont you see the situation did not change?
  • Dont you see that the VPN thing is completely useless?
  • It is unacceptable to have to sit in queue for 3 hours (missing a lot of events) when someone has maybe 2 hours free to play and can not access to the game for your incompetence.

I have been very patient since the beginning but things are starting to be very frustrating, maybe the drop in players you have witnessed werent bot? or even if they were, dont you think they came back circumventing your VPN block?

Litterally nothing changed, so here is what you might want to consider doing.

Disable any sort of gold trading untill you find a better solution. That way people can actually play the game instead of not being able to play at all while you work on a solution (that believe me you wont find because fighting rmts and bots is a lost cause since dinosaurs).

Is it that hard? why do you make legit players suffer? its been the third week in a row with constant crashes, disconnects, disservices, queues, bots problem. How long are you testing players patience?

disable gold trading for now, i believe players will accept this more if they have to pick between sitting 3 hours in queue and not play or having gold trading disabled.

have fun reading