Please Disable Phoenix Plume (Instant revive) on PVP Islands!

One person can literally grief the whole Server. (Was just happend this morning on Illusion island).
We joined the island , pvped normaly but then agreed to make a Waiting Line for opening the box. so everyone has a chance for the Island tocken…
Guess what ONE person find it cool to just run in to us, make 1 spell so we cant open the box and die… We even made Partys agains this one person… But it doesnt help.

Since the person just spamming Resurrection Phoenix Plumes, is in the invincible window, make 2-3 spells which intterupt the person trying to opening the chest! Then dies and repeats.

And no u cant switch channels on those event islands. Channel is “—”. So ONE Person can deny and grief everyone else.

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That 1 person is making them money with each plume. Why would they fix it?

If u think 180 plumes/island event (30min) which are worth like 20$ gives them big money… Doubt… I person spending 20$ on Plumes every 2 hours vs a few thousand people cant doing the island…
There is a reason there is a report button for “Griefing, Disturbing behavior”…

If you think 20$ per single obscure event is a small amount of money, you don’t understnad this business model. About 40% of this game’s business model consists of selling consumables.

They are far more likely to perma-ban that player (not very likely) than to disable plumes in PvP island.