Please do extend toad

Just here to get as many voices out there. Please do not take away golden toad, It helps so much with crazy book prices. Its insane to me that you have to pay so much gold to even be able to play some specs.


Goodbye Mr.Frog. You was the Hero from the patch :broken_heart:


lots of feedback asking to keep toad and nothing


Prices are down by ALOT right now. Most gold books are super cheap. There were like 3 or 4 class books above 10k yesterday in addition to grudge. Kinda takes away from getting lucky drops. I remember taijutsu books were 13k at their height and i bought most of them at like 12k. They’re at like 8k right now.

This reads as you agree to the removal of frog. If it’s not the case, my appologies. However, if it is, just how frickin’ selfish can you be? I bought igniter at 11-13k. I bought surge at 9-11k. Should I also go whine that players who’re building it now get it cheaper? Also the “lucky drops” you get are nowhere close in value to the money you save. Saving 5-7k on each barrage book compared to the prices before the event, I doubt I’d get so many good drops to offset that…
Why do people have this crab mentality and want others to go through the same “hardships” they went through? As long as the event makes it better for everyone, we should be for it, not against it and not be biased just because of what happened before it.

They will never read this, they will never care about players opinions, no suggestion ever posted in the forums has ever been implemented into the game. They even said themselves the frog has had a positive impact, but they still chose to remove it. I love the frog and i want it to stay, but they don’t give a fug about the game or the players.

Game becomes really boring if the only thing you have to look forward to is accessory drops. I dont even care about them “going through my hardships”.

Your post just comes off as “players should have things as easy as possible”. I dont agree with that either. Building up characters is a process, if you cant afford igniter spec, i guess youll go reflux. My main is a war dancer and accessories are actually extremely cheap comparatively. I play eo sf, arcana emperor and etc. Many of my classes just happen to be cheap. Glaive and scrapper were my most expensive. Shit happens m8. I just view good gold books as drops that help me reach my goals. The less value in gold books means it takes me longer.

Cheaper gold books is literally not better for everyone. It is better for new players/undergeared players.

Cheaper gold books is literally not better for everyone. It is better for new players/undergeared players.

Indeed, we should make the game as inaccessible as possible for new players and not allow other players to build specs they want to have fun on. I’m convinced if we let new players starve and suffer they will want to play more and won’t make this game die /s

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Got a point here

If things become rediculously out of reach for new players then no one wants to join at all

Higher prices aren’t good for the long run at all

Short sightedness strikes again

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You realize gold books will drop over time no matter what right? As ppl get them, more ppl wont need them.

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Not happening devs are happy maybe from a data analysis standpoint it did its job so AGS is like ok devs :melting_face:


You said though

I must have misinterpreted your comment then I guess?

How else should I have interpreted it

Gold books are also a source of progression and use of gold. Its a hill everyone climbs and sinks gold into. Climbing the leggo engraving hill is just something players have to do over time. Its not meant to be achieved with 1 weeks worth of gold. The faster they do it, the more the economy inflates because ppl dont have anything to do with their gold. If they wanted the books and progression to be as simple as possible they could have npcs that sell the books for set values, but they dont.

They arent going to keep the frog bc some ppl didnt get to gear all their alts yet or because Jon is a new player in Tier 2 right now taking it ez and will get to 1415 a month from now, so we should keep decreasing book values for the next 4 weeks making gold books trivial in value for the rest of the game.

Btw i literally quoted someone i was replying to and theres no interpretation needed, he said this benefits everyone and i said no, only new undergeared players. Nothing to interpret except that it does not benefit everyone.

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Ok that makes sense then

I guess a point we can agree on is that complaining book prices are dropping because you aren’t making more money off them is someone who is in for a rude awakening

Like “bless your heart” kind of awakening

Well said.

I think the frog event is like a black friday sale. If you miss it, well wait till next year. If you make use of it though you save tons of money.

That’s pretty much it.

Why you waste time to give them feedback?
And why players have option to give feedback?
In both situation is pointless

That is such a crazy take. You forget that killing bosses and raids are a part of the game. You come off like that EA post “we want players to feel a sense of …” Specs should not be gate kept by massive amounts of gold.

I greatly disagree with your strawman.

This destroys player recycling. If new players, with how inflated everything is, see this arbitrary “hill” you want them to climb, they will quit. Engravings, and especially Blue Crystals, are much more expensive than before when people started playing, while gold generation remains the same for new players.
This is not about making it so new players get leggo on the first week (which they can never do unless they whale), it’s about reeling back inflation so that with their gold income (which is the same we had months ago) they can expect a reasonable rate of progression.

Player recycling going down is how games die.

You can simply add more gold sinks. The frog is one of them. The economy will only really inflate if no one is making new alts or if new classes aren’t going to release. So this is a very questionable argument.

This is just to incentivize legit(for some not) gold buying. It’s why many systems exist in the first place. Which is why it goes against the player.

No, this is about the new players who went through the express to 1445 and now they have low gold generation and everyone excludes them from content.

This benefits everyone who does not have 6 alts 5x3, which I’d say is the vast vast majority of the players.

I just want to use Mr Frog on my new main, like the reapers did. Seems unfair that its going now on the realease of summoner.