Please do extend toad

If frog stays atleast honing mats from frog need to be removed or less weigthed toward destruction stones. The amount you can farm are to low for the price to buy/sell when frog is here.

The devs see the toad did its job, im sure whatever the devs say you would also not agree woth their “strawman” arguments. Problem is they dont care. The toad achieved its goal, which is clearly separate from whatever you’re trying to sell. I bought taijutsu books pre frog at 10-12k per book for weeks and i also benefitted from frog with my pinnacle books at 6k per book.

Lastly, many ppl either use grudge or if they need to a cheap book to start with and they can get accepted into ALOT of content with an achievable 4x3+2 and can get 5x3 with barricade, mass increase, supercharge, or other cheaper books than grudge.

This game requires 6 gold earners to progress. Its a steep climb but thats what new players need and theres no getting past it.

Hey Doomer, watch the podcast Stoopz did with Roxx on You Tube. They’re already discussing bringing it back. They’re aware of the positive impacts it has had on the economies and have read the player feedback.

the frog cant do its job properly if its there all the time, its good to remove it and bring it back every other month