Please do it before server merg

Dear amazon, as far as EU server is kinda different server from NA west or east. Isnt it better to start server merge kinda earlier than 9am cest, and f**k our whole day, when other region can play new contents. Everyone knows server merge takes time so start maintence for EU from 1am/ 2am cest, so EU servers can come up at the same time as NA. If you look logically few players play the game in middle at night compare to middle of the day.

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Nah bro what?! And ruin their sleeping schedule just so you play clown on time? No, no,no sleep is very important


tfw I will clear clown by the time you wake up

You are new to IT companies, aren’t you.
Staff have to work on-call and unusual hours around Go-Live dates. Both standard and overtime.

There’s no excusing it, the planning surrounding performing server merges on a major content release is terrible.

Most of the contracts my company have with clients involve clauses for estimated monetary value lost surrounding major releases that we’re liable to pay if downtime extends beyond a particular length of time. The value lost often being the estimated value per user over average user time (usually based on past analytics where applicable), multiplied by an estimated forecast of users for that major release (Which, for obvious reasons, is usually a much larger spike in users than usual).

It’s almost never worth the risk to do something like this on a major release’s go-live. Especially when there’s more room than usual for something to go wrong. And that’s not even touching on the “fairness” factor for EU, or just the general expectation of customers being able to access a major release, on the day of release.

It’s poor planning, plain and simple. Staff are going to have to work extended hours regardless in this situation, since 16 hours is not a normal work day - including the staff in Korea from SG that are working with AGS.

KEKW. Nothing more to add.

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