Please do more for the people that are stuck in EU Central

EU west was only ever created to fix the queues in Central. Yet, It’s barely fixed it. I’m stuck in queues of 14k right now after already being stuck in queue for 7 hours today and then furiously getting stuck at only 266 in queue for an hour which lead to a game restart and im right back at the end of queue again. DISGUSTING.

Just like many other people, I’d happily move to the West if I didn’t have to lose so much progress. If you truly wanted the new set of servers to fix the disguting queues on Central then PLEASE allow us all to receive our twitch drops on EU West. its 4 hours a drop ffs… and please give people who have already reached level 50 and have spent many hours on their character have a boosted character on EU-West so we can basically continue our progress.
I have a baby and work 50 hours a week just like many other gamers. I dont care about the money i spent, the 150+ hours I wasted on my character I cant access is worth so much more to me, as i have very limited time to play now that my week off is over. It’ll be impossible to login and play for people like me that have to work and only have a couple hours to play between each shift. :joy:

Only after giving people a REAL incentive to move to the west will we see EU central become playable. Most of us don’t care about the extra rewards, the reason Central is still so FULL is because we dont want to lose our progress. Giving us a second founders pack is a step in the right direction. but it’s only a step…


Id move over to EU west if i got my vanquiser chest. Untill i get that to go with my founders ill lose to much moving to another region. AGS / Smilegate need to compensate custermers with there bought items and not bind them to 1 char it should always be in ur account no matter the server.


idk eather why they just cant snapshot your char and let you transfer to another EU West server… i mean its amazon, their boss is flying to space and you gonna tell me that they are not able to transfer a char between servers… pathetic


Im in the same boat mate. Spend about 200 hours on my toon gathering all kinds of collectibles and what not. Not really interested at all in redoing those 200 hours on a new toon when there is ZERO confirmation on how and what the exact future plan is for EU west/central (like some sort of a merge, like they did with new world).

Now a character transfer that’s a whole nother story, I’d do that in a heartbeat.


the problem is

a) they already have the money
b) they are totally incompetent at their jobs as proven time and again with New World and now with Lost Ark
c) they just don’t care


transfer is not a thing in lost ark (any region)
there is a case in korea, but is a specific manual one for a specific problem.

On french forum we were tell transfer is on the way, but no date. Lets see this week if it comes.

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When you put it like this, it really does make this whole situation sound even more absurd. You can only screw up this bad if you truly don’t care. :rofl:
Which makes me worry for the future of this AMAZING game :frowning:

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Why do they only tell one section of the forum this? People are raging in every second thread just wanting some answers. But they don’t say anything.

Why don’t they announce to everyone they are trying to work on transfers now but no ETA yet.

I wasn’t holding out for this option at all, but I hope its true and on the way.

the posts we had on french forum was from one of our moderator (CS in the avatar is moderator right ? )

He just say “will come” but without even confirming if it would be free/pay, temporary/definitiv, the whole roster/one character, cross region / only in the same datacenter.

Also, from experience from FFXIV forums, french communication team spoke more with us on forum than english one, because forum were less in fire endlessly. (mainly because far less people speaking)

The fact he can’t say any information aside “it will happens” make me thing we can hope, but… we can’t only rely on this hope (and have to continue to make noise, and ask for a full roster transfer cross region)

I rather stay 1 day in queue and play the game normally when im in game, than having no content working in EUC atm