Please do not release 1 class a month

As the roadmap that was posted then taken down. It showed 1 class a month. Please do not drip feed us classes like they are content. It makes you look extremely money hungry when the game is designed the way it is.

You cannot have a main class that you want to play as your main for many many months after it has released already because of the time gate on ilvl progression, so to time gate it even further sucks.


The plan was 1 class per 2-3 month’s so I was pleasantly surprised to see it sped up to 1 class per month, as much as I also want them faster.

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Gold river said 2-3 months ALL classes will be released. The translator was wrong in what she said.


it was a translation error, All classes in 2-3 Months was actually meant.

Earlier today, another member of the forum asked their Korean girlfriend to see what she thought they said. She said that she interrupted it as if 2-3 months after launch, they were going to start releasing classes at a fast pace.

At the very least, it would be safe to argue that the translation is up for debate still, but I think that makes the most sense imo considering the leaked roadmap and such. Things could have very well changed since then though, to be fair

We won’t know anything for certain until the official roadmap is released (assuming they cover more than 2 class releases, that is).

Forum post and the comment I’m referring to: Class announcements when? - #36 by AZzalor


I hope they release all the classes soon, i dont want to “main” something else than my lance mommy.

Atleast 3 classes a month i cant wait to play my main class arcana

Is this satire?

Anyway did you know that water is wet?