Please do something about character name restrictions

Hello devs,

Please can you look in to the character naming system?

As it stands, it’s very hard to get a name, most are taken. If you delete a character at level 11 or above the name is locked for 60 days. This is very frustrating and might I say… needless?

I have never known any other game that withholds names for so long.

Also, I tried a few nicknames and some of them come back, not as taken, but disallowed… These nicknames are not swear words so I have no idea why they are blocked.

Just imagine how many names are now taken by bots.

We’re lucky as hell the bots haven’t taken a bunch of English words yet.

Gibberish is still the go-to but a few were using Japanese words.

But i wanted to name my character dfklsjfjfie

The real problem is that names are region wide and not just server wide, it’s not even like you can got play on other servers or transfer.