Please do something to make our main feel like a real main

I don’t know if it makes sense to create this thread, but hey, it’s what I feel at the moment. That there is no real main, maybe you have it with better engraving or better jewelry but at the end of the day the content is exactly the same for all your characters.

What do the others think about this?

The char you think is your main is just another alt you spend more time and effort than the other alts. At the end of the day, the real main is the one sitting in front of the screen playing the alts in Lost Ark on the computer.


It does not.

“Main” is just a word you are using to describe one of your characters because you are applying concepts from other games to Lost Ark. Interestingly this is also true for WoW, there is no gameplay mechanism that differentiates your characters it’s just a concept you are scaffolding onto the game itself.

No changes required, there’s no useful reason to try and force the game into a box to serve some emotional notion of the way you think about your characters.

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dunno i have 1 char it feels like a main to me

Basically every character you have is an alt including your “main” in this game. Your main is just a slightly stronger alt. There’s not really a great deal they can do regarding your “issue” with how they’ve currently designed the game.

It’s designed this way to get you to play as much as possible and spend as much as possible. Probably the worst part about this game but it wont be changing ever sadly.

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your argument falls a bit since when you start the game you get this.

But thanks for participating in the thread =).


You get to choose a character as the display for your roster.

Please remind me, what gameplay impact does this have?

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NONE! and that’s my “complaint”… =(

edit> Wouldn’t it be nice if it had some difference?

your complaint applies to every single MMO not just lost ark, why should the main do different content ? that would lock out content for others unless they play the class you play

a Main is just the character you enjoy most and put the most resources into thats it


What I’m saying is that’s the point.

All of your characters are just characters, you can do everything on all of them and theres no additional barrier for you to deal with if you decided you wanted to play another character as your “main”.

The thing you’re complaining about is precisely the thing many of us enjoy about the game.

All I want is not needing to have multiple T3 alts just to be able to progress on your main. That’s beyond awful and tiresome design.


My main isn’t even in the game yet, all i have is alts

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Yeah, everyone I’ve talked to likes almost everything in this game besides the alt play. They don’t mind playing other characters for fun but needing to grind on all of them just to progress your main ends up feeling like a second job.

Even with the rest bonus it feels like a second job but if you don’t do it you fall behind significantly unless you’re willing to shell out money on the game. The problem with falling behind in this game is there’s clearly a lot of gatekeeping that goes on in the NA region. If you’re not at a certain point when content hits you’ll have missed opportunities when it comes to finding random groups. It overall just becomes a far more frustrating gameplay experience.

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This is strangely deep, but also makes sense lmao

You don’t need multiple T3 alts. They make it easier and faster for you. But you don’t need them. Nothing in the game says: “you can only walk this way if you have 4 T3 Alts”

So don’t say the game has a tiresome design, you are the one who uses a tiresome method to play. Play less character and let’s much and eventually the game feels better for you

simple solution: triple the pheon tax so your alts will have worse gear and your main will feel like a main

You’re hired.

Main is just the flavor of the month that you’re trying your hardest to get to the highest ilvl to do the most content with. Alts are everything else. Thats why in this game we can switch mains constantly, but not preferred due to time and effort it goes into leveling a character.

You want to make the main special? Buy it some skins. Want it more powerful, buy it better Accessories/Tripods/etc. Want it to look special? You can change your avatar or pay a professional to do it for you. (found out this is a thing. lol)

Lol this doesn’t surprise me. FFXIV has house decorators that make bank. Especially when their paid to build some big streamer house etc.