Please dont change honing

I’m still stuck in T2 due to terrible luck with honing but you know what? THATS FINE!

There is already so much combat/PvE content in t1/t2, not to mention the exploration/completionist aspect of the game. There is no reason to rush to t3.

Making honing easier would just frustrate all the people that had to go through it in its current state and would just push people to the harder content without them properly learning the game mechanics.

Complain ALL YOU WANT, but I legit just yoloed through all of t1 without even knowing what a counter or stagger is and I just barely started to learn these things in t2.

Take a chill pill, you will get there eventually, there is no need to change anything in gear honing. If anything, guardians could have their HP reduced cause right now they are a huge boring sponge, but thats it.

TL;DR - Dont touch honing, nerf guardians HP if you want to.


T1 and T2 honing buff WILL happen at some point, there is no point in wishing otherwise.

Now i think it would be more fair to do it in a month or two, with the release of argos.

Have you heard of cubes? Chaos gates? Map runs? Infinite chaos runs with boss/gold rooms?

There are plenty of ways to farm them.

Also, AH is a thing and last I checked they sell plenty of breaths.

It would make sense with a lot more content released down the line. In a month of two is just ridiculous. If Valtan, Viakiss and Kuku got released and endgame becomes 1400’s, it makes sense to further ease the t1/t2 process. But to say it should be sped up from already ridiculous sped up state just because 1370 raid gets released? That is a joke and an insult to everyone who put in the time money and effort in the current state.

Wut? I literally farmed dozens of moon’s breath through excavation to boost my gear. This just shows the problem right here. People with lack of knowledge think every one ahead of them only got their because they swiped or no-lifed while they simply don’t know enough about the game.

Rushing them to tier 3 is not going to help with that.



If you buff honing:

  • Hardcore players feel like they could have just waited, but they are hardcore players who are super invested already and probably aren’t going anywhere
  • More casual players feel good that they don’t have to take ages to actually get to the new content
  • New players who are drawn to the game by the new content will be able to reach it

If you don’t buff honing:

  • Nothing changes for hardcore players
  • Casual players will feel even worse that it’s going to take them forever to even be able to try the content everyone is talking about as what makes the game actually good
  • New players interested in the game will just not bother when they find out it takes hundreds of hours to actually reach raid content

Basically no buff to honing with new content that is ilv gated = RIP playerbase


People advocating for honing changes 1 month from release … consider this: i could be restarting over and would have my main and alts further than right now with all the island materials and welcome challenges. sorry but i cant be arsed to have all my effort devalued as soon as this.

if we get 100% tier 1 + 2 and 2 honing lvls on each upgrade, might as well restart, because the islands themselves give so many roster bound chests, i would rather just do them again than farm daily upgrades on different chars for hours.

it would be utterly stupid. your argument for “the gold advantage” is pointless.

refund my mats then u can do it. thx

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Everyone has access to ways to receive materials to increase honing chances. I did excavation when I was in T2 and every hit I had from 14 to 15 gear I was able to use max moons breath. People are either uninformed about other ways to help, or they just don’t care.

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Can players please stop with the effort bullshit? Sitting on your ass banging your fingers on the keyboard will never be effort in this Universe or any other. It’s pitiful that grown people equate doing that to the definition of effort. Having established that fact, there is absolutely nothing of substance for the word devalued to be applied to. You’re about to play the time card so please don’t be one those fools about to parrot Time is Money because if you actually believed that, you’d be earning money instead of sitting on your ass banging your fingers on your keyboard NOT earning money.


Should not launch before release of argos or its just absurd

Imo honing should be buffed to 1370 - this is a start point to end game content

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so if you buy a house and your neighbour buys the same house for half the cost within 1 month youre not pissed ? you must really value your time/money


I agree with this. The people that had to go through the pain of honing with the horrible rates to get to t3. If they do fix the rates then they should compensate the people that actually got to t3. Maybe some more t3 mats or something.

I don’t think people would mind if the game has been in service for half a year and we have months worth of contents to progress through in T3.

But to do this after a month or two is just too soon. T1/T2 progression literally takes 2 weeks worth of core gameplay, and there is plenty of contents to be enjoyed in that period.

“please dont change honing, my fragile ego cant handle it, I need these scrubs to be beneath me” fixed it for you

Yup, right now it’s still too easy imo. You make 3 Abyss dungs and you can craft whole Epic set for your Tier. What’s the point? On T1 i did not even gather enough resources to craft Epic and i was T2 already (without 100% chance). Also, i would be reaaaalllyyyyy angry that after spending time to grind stones and leapstones just for others to rush through it with 100% chance.

Btw you can farm moon shards. You need to craft maps in your stronghold. You receive moon shards from every chest you find on the map.

Time’s Change :joy: