Please don't force us to replay story content

Hey all, this is specifically about the requirement for needing a certain number of characters to complete story content before being able to use Knowledge Transfer for that continent again. For example, I have an alt at 600 ilvl. My main is 1355 ilvl. My 600 character cannot use Yorn Knowledge Transfer until 3 characters have finished the Yorn story content. So as I understand it, I MUST play it on my 600 ilvl character normally.

Personally, I do not enjoy the story or leveling of this game at all. I don’t read or listen to any of the story, I’m here for the social, PVP, exploration, and raiding. For those who do enjoy the story, I’m glad that you have so much content.

It’s a problem that the game requires everyone to complete story/continent content multiple times if you want to level up your alts. Because it means those who do not enjoy the story content need to complete it multiple times. Since it’s intended for players to create multiple alt characters, why is it intended that they must also replay the story content at all? For those who love the story and want to replay, they can opt out of Knowledge Transfer (and save some gold). But for those who want to skip the story content, not only are we out a few thousand gold but also must replay the content anyway!

Honestly I hope I’m just misunderstanding the requirements, because this boggles my mind that the game limits player choice so much.

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Don’t worry the people who have no idea that is the case will spam you soon with the
“jUsT uSe KnOwLeDgE TrAnsFeR”

Yea bois, Shrouds spends 8k on the game but replays the story twice for fun KEK

It absolutely sux we’re forced to replay the story.