Please don't forget about SA

Please don’t forget about these topics, we are a month without any response about the issue.

And the list goes on and on


Thanks – we have raised this internally and will let players know when we have a response to share


the cash for us is very expensive!

I’m waiting for 3 months a response from them :confused:

Created a post in the day one of LA in Western. I’m not even waiting it anymore. Just promises…

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Most people arent even aware SA exist despite having 9 servers and hell even some people at AGS and Smilegate probably dont know we exist just seeing how every request we make from the most basic stuff like bugs, example our event clock being bug for a entire month gets ignored. It gets worse when you just see every youtuber, reddit guide and twitch streamers dont even mentioning SA and they just say NA EU and even “professional” sites like maxroll where they have the Lancemaster guides they only mention EU/NA on the disclaimer

It triggers me because everything counts towards a snowball effect and we will get ignored further and further and never have proper support in our region for regional prices

dont you worry, the time/event clock isn’t fixed in EU either. And while I understand that feeling of being left out when people/streamers etc only say NA/EU.

when the Developer (GoldRiver) only mentions NA when they talk about the Western release it triggers me a bit too. But I just know he means the rest of us too.

clock don’t work on NA either for all the players not in the core timezones.

I don’t even expect regionalized prices at this point. I just don’t want to pay more for the same items that someone from NA pays, how about that? (Convertion from USD to BRL is outdated in case someone doesn’t know)

I really want to play on SA, 60 ping feels soo smooth. But I’m kinda forced to play on NA because of SA Crystals price and every cosmetic/mount being the double of NA’s price. Not even mentioning the lack of whales which leads to almost no accessories in the marketplace and very low amount of people buying them. Feels like all my effort goes to the drain the moment I see the market prices.