Please don't forget to fix this bug on May 19, please


Note that this post is not whining about nerf of surge deathblade.

Ok, I’m sorry about these gif links. The size limit here is too small.

If u r a surge death blade player, u must be able to see two differences.

One is the surge stack indicator on the right side of your character.

The other is Mael storm’s additional stacks.

In the Lost Ark history,

  1. Sept 29, 2020 : Surge remake(to the current ver)
  2. Oct 01, 2020 : Bug fixed about not returning orbs after using surge.
  3. Nov 24, 2020 : Big fixed(what?) about unable to earn the surge stacks by Mael storm’s tornado dmg.
  4. Dec 22, 2020 : Surge stack indicator was added.(with Boss’s frontal backattack indicator).

Ok, I’m expecting that surge stack indicator will come with frontal backattack indicator in May.

But I’m so worried about not getting patches #2 and #3.

Those things were about a half year before the recent balance patch.

The reason why I’m worried.

In the current NA client, for example

-DB does not have a patch from KR on Oct 01, 2021 patch, and
-Bard does have a patch from KR on Jan 13, 2022 patch.

It is so mixed.

In more detail, Jan 13, 2021(artist release date in KR). They did bubble leftover patch for Bards.

Before this patch, When Bards use the heal with 1.9 bubbles, 1 bubble heal goes out and it abandons the leftover 0.9 bubbles. (Heal with 1.9 bubbles → 0 bubble left. Not 0.9 left)

And the current NA client contains this patch. (Heal with 1.9 bubbles → 0.9 bubbles left)

So, I’m guessing that our current NA client has so many mixed patches,

and I hope you guys bring in all the previous partial balance patches other than just the recent balance patch.

feels like NA client = a big private server. mixed/borked patches released as ENGLISH client

For some reason, every mention of this issue is just straight up ignored…

They suck