Please dont just increase Honing rates

Hello Everyone,

I saw alot of post regarding the Issue every Player in T3 between 1340-1370 has right now. Its the issue of not having enough material or not high enough honing rate to even be able to do Argos even though you Spent 10hr daily and a few hundret $/€. Only whales who spends a big amount of money or people who had alot of Luck and found a method to make tons of Gold are even able to do Argos right now. That tempts all player to spent alot of money now because of the fear of missing out. The Issue I currently see is if AGS now take the easy route and just increase the honing rate because the community pressure them, that everybody who is now almost at 1370 is also kinda screwed. The Increasement doesnt really help me because most ppl who really try hard to get to 1370 and farm their asses off are now at 1360-1365 and are barly there… This only helps every player 1340 and below the most, because they got increase honing rate for all the way, but players who tried the most to get there barly benifit if the honing increase comes NOW… The only fair method in my point of few is to give every player either extra material sources(Content mentioned in alot of other threads already) or extra material somehow. Then at least everybody would profit even the players who put now all their materials and are stuck at 1365… For Argos its to late now anyway the FOMO already kicked in and alot ppl are frustrated because they feel they cant keep up even though they play 10hrs/day and spent a few hundret $.

I guess I will be able to get 1370 now in 2 weeks or so without spending tooo much, but if in 2 weeks the honing rate will be increase I will feel pretty messed around with for putting so much work into it NOW. We also really need a Roadmap and need to know planned increasing of honing chance alot sooner before, so that people know if they might wanna keep their material or use it now.


Amazon will release increased honing rates and apologize for not releasing it sooner kekw

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  • Abyss trials
  • Heroic Guardians
  • Bridge
  • Islands
  • Revamped honing rates
  • Smexy outfits

and all current problems are solved.


dont forget new classes too


And just because people pushed hard the rest of the community now has to be screwed. Increased honing rates shouldn’t really hurt you. They would help you push to 1370 and beyond and also get more alts to that level faster so I don’t see how it is unfair. We know that the price of rushing is high. If you want to be at Argos day one it arrives you pay the premium price for being there early and then as more and more people get to t3 prices drop and it is easier and easier to reach it. While just giving people better honing rates isnt the best solution I don’t see why would it negatively impact other people. I do agree with implementation of missing material sources though. That alone would likely be the fix for the problem .

lmao people who tried to rush to 1370 and not make it are not in the majority of players.

That’s your fault. I don’t want vanilla korean honing rates from 2020. Respectfully, be smarter next time when you know catchup mechanics will eventually come, especially since we have hard proof of what those mechanics entail.

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Horrible post as somebody that has grinded their ass off in endless chaos dungeons I don’t think anybody should go through the hell I went through, the community needs these honing changes for the good of the game people will quit when they hit 1340 and realize how long it’s going to take them to get to 1370


I dont really understand you Argument, why is the community now screwed because people rushed? I dont consider myself rushing but just playing the game 10hrs/day and spent some money on it (like everyone would if he loves the game and has the money and time?). I agree at some point you need better honing rates so that new player dont have to spend months just to catch up to the fun raids. Im just saying that getting more materials is better than just increase the honing rates. Lets be real here, higher honing rate or getting more material is the same outcome (fast progression). But the more material sources wont screw anyone compared to the other option. Yeah I totally agree with your last part the missing material sources would be the better option

Well with more material income possibilites nobody would have to go though that. I bascially just want to say more/better Material-aquiring methods is better than just increasing honing rates.

I’m not sure if you realize quite how many materials you need to go from 1340-1370, those things would definitely help, but the honing rates need adjustment- they had all those sources for materials in Korea and they still increased the honing rates. Why? Because 1340-1370 is complete trash even with the extra materials

it would screw the game itself, ppl spending in the game are not your enemies, they actually help keep the game alive and server running, if you loose their trust by doing the incredible stupid thing of releasing and buffing honing rates within a month ppl will loose the trust in the game.
Thankfully there is an easier solution: Give ppl more materials, no one will complain about having more materials since ppl will still need to go throught the same than the rest.


I think the honing rates should stay. The other sources of materials definitely need to be added.

The upgrade chances are fine. You can’t always win.

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you are out of your mind putting in money into that. you’ll need 150-300k gold to achieve 1370.

Honing buffs help everyone, whales and rushers arent excluded from it. While yes it doesnt help their main character it helps their alt character. It doesnt ruin them or anything

Why do you want to have a honing system worse than other servers? How is that fine lmao

Yea, because what they’re doing is really helping us keep trust in this version of the game. Whales won’t care and always look for any reason to spend money.

I mean, your alts benefit from honing changes. Not sure why you thought this was a traditional “play one class” game. Make ten of the same class if you want, but either way, you will need alts to speed up progression. That’s just how it is in this game.

if whales spent money with a abysmal honing % and then they buff the %, they literally just screwed whales big time, they should have told the whales not to buy the stuff and waste it before the honing update, to be honest if they wanted to do that they should have released with improved honing rates, ppl spending money would be extremely mad, and even f2p’rs (that are the most hardcore players around) that decided to keep pushing (trusting amazon is not going to suddenly make it easier to hone) well if you give more chance right now you just burned those 2 very important groups, hardcore players and whales…

Literally not the problem of any normal player. No one cares about whales.

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