Please dont just increase Honing rates

Get used to it. This is the foundation of Korean P2W MMOs. Once the whales start to get bored with Argos, or more importantly when revenue falls off, they will release a patch that makes it easier for the F2P players to catch up and adds new content probably at 1400 for the whales to spend on again. Expect gear you pay for to become commonplace fairly quickly, and obsolete within a month or two.

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well you should, they are the ones paying for the game you are playing, they are a very important part of every game, and the sad part is not only that group that get burned its the hardcore f2p/medium spenders aswell… all the groups that keep games alive are there and are getting screwed if they do something as stupid as buffing honing rate just after a month of release…
You might not care about them but we all need them, like it or not.

Real whales have so much money they don’t care. The people who are really spending consider $10K on a video game chump change.

i know 2, and they very much care, i know 2 is not a big number but i bet most of them care, ppl with money does not like wasting money, and if you made em all feel like they are wasting money the game will suffer… buffing the attainable amounts of materials is the way to go, it virtually achieves the same but not screwing hardcores and whales.

You know two people who care about what whales are doing with their money? What lol…

Nobody is going to be upset about whales wasting their money except for whales.

Interesting. I don’t know any whales personally. The interviews I’ve seen from whales in other games have talked about enjoying overcoming the gambling aspect.

Lmao swiping is now “much work” ???

If you started on release, 1370 is definitely possible by now for free players. You would have had to be no-lifeing the game though.

I’d say the way is to advocate for the honing buffs for all tiers but also demand significant compensation for the people that pushed the ilevel wall. This will also include the whales but mostly its going to be the f2p that tried and invested insanely hard that got screwed by RNG.

All f2p should be together in this; not divided. We deserved better honing rates from the start. We know the 1340-1370 wall is ridiculous BECAUSE of f2p hardcores that tried and couldn’t make it because of RNG or abhorrent reward rates of mats considering the cost.

The rest of f2p must also acknowledge this fact that we only know this because of people that worked and tried hard. We all know its several hundred thousand gold because these people did all the math and figured it out and we all know its not really feasible because of how many terror stories we now have from people that did a ton and got screwed by factors of design or bad luck.

We’re not talking about swipers/whales; we’re talking about your FELLOW f2p players who “tried so hard and got decently far but in the end it didn’t even matter because they’re in the 1360s now”. Do not pretend these people are your enemies. They stand to be absolutely destroyed by this impending update if they are not properly targetted with significant compensation to what this wall just cost them in pure work/farming.

There’s no reason we can’t all want the honing changes AND them to target those who pushed ilevel with very large compensation since the cost was clearly ridiculous.

I dunno why whales get to be hated? like working ingame is worse than working outside of it? they are paying the company to help us all mantain a f2p game, whaling is not bad for us, its good…
they deserve the exact same compensations anyone else gets, thats why i advocate for buffed ammounts of honing materials instead of buffed honing, the efects are the same and it helps everyone progress faster (both the ppl that pushed and those who did not)

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