Please Don't Listen to Elitists - Nerf the Content

You have the data to back up your decision. 90% of your player base is struggling. I am sitting at iLvl 1080 right now and have gone through all the raids available to me. I’m neither a casual nor a hardcore player. I’m your average. And I have loved learning all the fights and genuinely feel like I’ve gotten better since I’ve started.

The problem with the elitist vocal minority is that they’re usually forum users and not scared of being vocal. Casual players are IMMENSELY scared of this. And I know this because I live with a wonderful Care Bear who is absolutely petrified of sharing opinions about games for fear of the mob. That is who your player base is - a bunch of kind, peaceful people just trying to enjoy a game. She’s not looking to raid Abrelshud, but she still needs to have progression available to her. Others should have this too.


why does every snowflake need their own thread about this topic, there are like 100 posts of it


So… you had a ton of fun learning all the fights and improving at the game step by step… but you want to ruin that experience for other players? Overcoming a challenge feels great and I pity the players that won’t get experience the joy of beating a hard guardian raid after they are nerfed into the ground


Not everyone enjoys Dark Souls. “Enjoyment” is not one thing. It is different for everyone. My partner does not find Dark Souls fun. I’m okay with that because I don’t feel the need to force what I enjoy on her.


How would your partner feel about this? Training Room lessons instead of changing difficulty


That’s a fantastic Ideology - if she doesn’t like dark souls nobody is going to force her to play dark souls… Should we make dark souls easier and watered down so she might enjoy dark souls more? NO, Does she have to play guardian raids? NO. Should we water down guardian raids for arbitrary reasons like this? NO


maybe play afkarena or raid shadow legends then…
and do not say girls do not like this -.-
we are a lot girls in my guild and we do raids and dungeons and clear them. this game makes a lot of fun because of the chllanges.


There were no Koreans who complained like this much to nerf contents when they released
Other countries are the same I guess
Only here ppl whining here in North America


Dark Souls is Dark Souls and has a large enough playerbase to be profitable. But it will never reach mass success because it is a very specific type of game. When 90% of your playerbase can’t complete your content - you’re looking at severing 90% of your potential profit. Especially with an MMO. The better question is - why, as a lover of hard games have you chosen to play MMOs? Because MMOs have to cater to everyone and not a subset of people.


Because Lost Ark is a hard game and I know this because it’s been released for YEARS. Why are EU/NA gamers so bad that we need the hand holding baby version of the game


Because only 10% of us enjoy games like this. Maybe learn Japanese or Korean and move? I won’t deny that it sucks for you but that’s the dynamic we’re in. This is a democracy.

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i dont understand though its not hard? my only advice is if you find this game too difficult to uninstall it and play something else. i would love to see your build if youre having trouble lel bet its like some half complete bullshit youre tryiung to rush content with. youre the type of kid that gets excited with a participation certificate 100%


If they nerf the content before I can even enjoy it, then I will simply stop playing.

I am a completely new player and am absolutely loving it. This new is extremely sad to me.

I wonder if the people they are catering to even like the game and will stop after 3 months. People like me intend to be playing this for years. I just couldn’t wait to do each tier with every character… nerfing everything kills the replayability of the game. The challenge has felt so fullfilling up to this point(I am almost done with tier 1)… and they are going to take that away…

I am extremely disappointed and do not feel confident anymore. Should I invest in this game where they could just make the content mind numblingly easy after a few months?


What on Earth are you talking about? I have a sorceress at 1080 with Reflux and Precision Dagger and Crit and Swiftness. You assume because I dare to disagree with you that I don’t know what I’m doing. That’s a fun take. But, definitely not accurate. And if you’re going to start helping me, get ready for everyone else you’re going to need to help personally because 90% of a playerbase is a lot of people who need help.


Have you looked at a raid of Abrelshud? Look up Saintone on YouTube and watch his, “How Hard is Raiding in Lost Ark?” video. This will tell you all you need to know. There is plenty of difficult content. They’re not touching Tier 3. People are fear-mongering because they don’t like that one person might complete a guardian raid they maybe might not have beaten otherwise.


Your sex has nothing to do with this. I’m talking about casuals versus elitists, not men versus women. I am a woman. I enjoy the content too. But MMOs aren’t for one type of person.


Why would I want to play a game where only the last part of it is difficult and a fulfilling challenge?

I have only done tier 1 so far, but I was loving working through the guardian bosses.

In this game, if you are able to complete content on a certain day, doesn’t your character get stronger overtime anyway? Making the content easier overtime?

People who can’t complete it this week, could next week. I doubt they are fullly maxed out on thier cards, item honings and engraving books. You want this game to last long for people, do you not? Not just complete in a week and be done?

Walking into these at a few ilvls above the minimum, I wasn’t expecting these things to be easy…


Because that is what MMOs and raids are. Is this your first MMO?

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Lol, what a dumb thread created just to be contrarian. I did lots of content, enjoyed learning and want to take that experience away from others LOL.

If the casual player wouldn’t be found on the forums then what makes AGS think the content needs to be nerfed?

After the nerf announcement a thread created objecting to is now the 2nd most posted thread on the forum at 1.2k replies and counting. If casuals aren’t on the forums crying for nerfs they shouldn’t be nerfing since they seem content working through it. If a few casuals are on the forums complaining they are the overwhelming minority. What exactly is the goal of nerfing T1-T2? So people can be unprepared for T3 and then nerf that too?

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Didn’t take my entire post in context, but yes… I am very experienced in mmos.

There are mmos that do a very good job at ramping up difficulty in meaningful progress slowly. And that have fulfilling challenges throughout tiers.
I can think of some that don’t as well… maybe those are more your flavor?