Please don't make carries for gold on LFG a thing in Lost Ark

WoW and FFXIV already have to deal with this, please can we have a report function to prevent this?

What exactly are you reporting? It’s not against the rules.

Dungeon carrys and mmos go hand in hand,its just the way it is

You want to get people in trouble for giving other people their hard earned gold in exchange for the other person provding a hard played service of giving a boost which is exactly how it works in real life. Like if i pay an uber driver to boost me to the mall instead of walking.

Would you like your coffee with one spoon of government control or two spoons? We call that sweet free market economics and capitalism where i am from.

If people getting boosted offends your pride standing around vern castle showing off your 1300 ilvl well, this is something you have to cope with not us.

This is super popular and encouraged in Korea and RU for lost ark. Don’t even think it won’t happen for us. At one point its beneficial for both parts. When u get an argos carry on an alt without having to properly gear a character before he hits relic stage item level you will be happy to pay some of the gold u get from argos anyways