Please Don't Release awful skins in EU/NA


As a feedback please do not release some of korean kawaii style skins in EU/NA.
Every korean game has those skins like penguin, bird, tree or other awful cute things. But it’s belong to their culture. So please do not release them in that game because it’s just killing aesthetic of whole game. Not just aesthetic but also the logic behind the game. Well human brain could tolerate some level of nonsense but can’t tolerate giant demons fighting with butterflies and potatoes.
I suppose not only me but majority of western players hate/or would hate those skins. In RU every pvp match i fighting with some snowman or mocaco seed. Or a team of potatoes and flowers. It was awful.
I am really fan of AGS’s westernization and even censorship, which i believe people overreacted. It was really smooth and well adjusted. I hope you will continue to do that.


I disagree, it is fun and part of the games culture.

Cover up the most revealing outfits if you really have to I don’t really care, but I wan’t the authentic experience of a full makoko raid team.


Sounds like those outfits everyone used were sure hated by a great many players who used them, surely against their own will. :thinking:

Add new costume options if you think those will sell for those who want different options, but don’t change or remove the original ones.


Wrong. I want to run around in bikini clothes and clap legion bosses with my water gun.

Or run around as Ronald McDonald.
Or run around as a One Piece character.
Or run around with the Neon Genesis Evangelion Skin.

Sounds like a you problem to me. Nobody is forcing you to play this game. Nobody forced you to play this game in NA/EU after you already palyed it in Russia.


I’m standing on and teetering between both sides of this fence. While I agree wholeheartedly that putting this goofy-ass Candyland-on-LSD nonsense in the game is an eyesore, I think that there are plenty of people who disagree (believe it or not, there are plenty of people who live in NA/EU who are part of these cultures you’re talking about) and can’t wait to see these things in game.

If the supermajority is opposed to them as you say, then the supermajority will not be wearing them, and it won’t be as much of an issue.



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I didnt indicate that i would leave the game if they release those skins.
I hate those yes. Even with them i play the game. But without them, its much enjoyable for me. If majority wants it then i wont say anything.

I wonder how the idea of quitting the game came about if I don’t get what I want. I guess you thought that because you’re one of those kids who threatens people when they don’t get what they want. I gave only feedback, if majority wants that then ok they will release the skins.

Speak for yourself. My friends and I are all excited to run around Arkesia in those types of outfits. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to wear them, but don’t spoil the fun for the rest of us.


Okay dont get angry.

Someone is really bored to make such a high level posts xD

If the majority would disapprove them you wouldn’t see them everywhere. I will bomb ur dungeon and ur bum in pvp as a cute pear and if you don’t like it that’s fine. Pear doesn’t care about the dead leaf on the floor

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I want everything to be available. The more options the better.
And part of the Corean origin of the game comes not only with the Pandas on LSD outfits.

Also the super sexy and revealing women outfits which I love and would hate to see gone. It’s one of the reasons I love this game. I want to run around with a super sexy alter ego.

Plus the oversized weapons with super muscular characters. I want to create a massive guy with a massive weapon.

Please don’t censor anything. Just give us the full raw experience!


Hard disagree.
As a 32 year old woman, let me show you what I want.

I want exotic and wild fantasy stuff like this

Heavy Weight Tank Girl stuff like this

Skimpy Fantasy exotic stuff like this

Fun Sexy stuff like this

And Cute Casual stuff like this

And even Suave and Cool stuff like this.

These are all characters ive played over the years and loved.
I want all kinds of outfits.

Stop telling people what they should and shouldnt wear, and how to have fun.
Let us dress up and play how we want.
I want all the costume styles they’re willing to give us and as much as they’ll give to us.
I like how fun it all is being fashionable, AND good at the game.


I don’t particulary like these goofy costumes but I also don’t want amazon to police what skins we get. So I disagree. We should get all korean skins.


Yes please. All outfits. Then you choose what you want. Yo go raiding with your guild of non goofy chars.
And others go crazy on rainbow cloored fluffyness overload.

Don’t limit any options. I hate censorship.

Why does western culture go OMG! Naked skin! But then you can show blood and gore.
Our bodies are beautiful. And we all have the same things. Get over it.




First of all, kawaii is a Japanese word, not Korean.

2nd, I am looking forward to the wacky skins, after all, I’m a gunslinger with a leaf growing out of my head, a robot right eye and guns while everyone else is using bows. I don’t think cute outfits or wacky outfits is going to be out of place.

Please do not take the fun skins out!



By the looks of the people responding in the thread, you may have to change what you’re saying here.

I am for releasing any and all kinds of skins. Let people play dress up how they want. Don’t try to force a change on people because you don’t like it.


Skins are highly subjective, what you consider awful many people enjoy. And what you consider great many people probably find childish or boring or cliche or so on. So just No.

Sounds like someone projecting their own opinions and pretending to speak for everyone.