Please Explain Leap Essence!

People are telling me that the translation for the leap essence isn’t accurate. Can someone break it down for me? I got some on the shop and when I used it, I thought it was supposed to use up that life energy rather than your own, but I’m out of my regular life energy. So it’s not letting me farm any materials. I’m awfully confused, can someone explain this item to me? Thank you ahead of time!

Double loot, double consumption.

Great if you want to farm at twice the speed. Designed to save time.

If you want life energy buy the life energy potions 5x for 100 crystals. As the price of crystals increase, this might not be worth depending…

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Just to add on to this, it is bad to use the leap essence for trade skills that have mini games like excavation. Since they work on the idea of your Xth time doing something you play a little minigame for extra rewards. So the faster you chew through energy the less mini games you play.

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It doesn’t grant energy, it starts a counter that gives the bonus for the next 3000 energy you spend

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Thank you everyone for clearing that up! :slight_smile: