Please fix order of items on the gem chest from the pass

It is very easy to accidentally choose T2 gems from the ark pass chests. Made this mistake and support won’t fix it (frustrating but understandable).

The gem chests use the same icon for the t2 and t3 chests and ALSO are in the wrong order compared to every multi-tier selectable I can think of.
T3 is on the top and T2 is on the bottom.
Compare this to the other chests in the event, which are ordered t1/t2/t3.

Looking at my inventory I see the fusion material chests from the Ark Pass are also out of order, but at least in that case the icons are very obviously different.

Please fix the ordering and give them separate icons if possible.

Or maybe instead of using their time to change stuff around people should think 5 seconds before opening stuff. Cause “T3 Gem Chest” and “T2 Gem Chest” should be enough.

No icons needed or anything.

And if people open stuff without even taking a second to read then its their fault. And changing stuff around or reverting it etc will not help in the long run.

People need to learn to read things. And if they only learn it by choosing the wrong thing then so be it.

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100% agree if people click on the wrong stuff that is clearly labeled they deserve it