Please Fix pronoun for the Quest

Debussy is she not he.
This is just one example I captured but there are lots of lines that use the wrong pronoun.

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Who cares debussy is a he

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100% no one cares

It’s funny! Some people are saying that Amazon needs time for localising. I laugh and say: what’s that again? The localization is so shamefully poor quality in this game. It takes no time at all to put a bunch of strings through Google Translate and ship it.

I have to correct you here mate. Localization would be 20 times better if it was Google Translated.
It must have taken an awful lot of time to fuck up the localization that bad and ensure nothing makes sense.

Since the beginning, in French we’re suffering from “You’re not queuing for X” when we queue for anything. Google Translate would have gotten the negative/positive correctly.
It’s bad to a point I’m not even sure what most of my spells are doing as the descriptions are very often wrong/misleading.


Who is debussy…? I tried to Google search this character and nothing came up. What are you on about

How do you know its a she?
Wei refers to vykas as him a lot.
Maybe they are not miss gendered, vykas does have a tenticle phase it explains what they are atleast.

Is Debussy is really an NPC in Lost Ark?

If so, AGS can sack my duck for censoring sheets!


it’s very annoying the pronoun mistakes of localization, idk why they call everyone a he

I apologize! Sometimes I try to tone down my language so I don’t get booted off the forums for Creating DISENT. But their work is truly atrocious and shameful and the most awful part is that they’re not even correcting it. This is how the quality is gonna stay. They also seem to not have anyone testing these strings with how it appears in game. It’s just…I wonder how. Such a rich company but they can’t afford to provide at least medium quality translation, localization and testing.

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