Please fix striker

As some of you may know, with the previous balance patch (which we got in the “Destined for destruction” patch) Smilegate wanted to release a fix for striker’s “Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike”, so he doesn’t go through any boss after casting the skill.

However after the Korean ptr, they couldn’t release the fix due to bugs, so they didn’t include it in the balance patch. Because of that we also got the balance patch without the fix.

But a couple of weeks after Korea got the balance patch, they managed to correct it, and the Korean server got the fix right away. This happened months ago, not long after we got the balance patch.

Is there any reason we can’t get the fix? I feel like we are kind of forgotten here. @Roxx can you please ask around about this?

Yes @Roxx can we finally get any Info about this?