Please fix the game!

Can we please stop ignoring a glaring issue with the NA client of the game?
Theres no reason why we should have to gimp our medium-high end pcs to get the game to function semi decently. Even with all the troubleshooting in the world, fps spikes are ruining gameplay for myself, and others when you cant perform a mechanic due to a freeze. Ive asked loads of other people and theyve all said the same answer, “we just deal with it”…which is absolute hotdog water. I can run every other game perfectly fine without a single hiccup aside from this one, I’ve undervolted my pc cause the game was causing it to overheat, and ive changed every imaginable setting just to keep dropping frames…its usually when something important happens (i.e someone dies, mechanics starts/ends, or when my meteor lands when I play sorc, or just completely at random) Ive been trouble shooting this for 2 months and frankly Im getting tired of it.

I know theres more of us out there with this issue. Several of us have played on KR/RU servers (including myself) and the game ran perfectly fine without a hiccup. Upvote this or something to make amazon aware please. Have a good one.


i just want for em to just do localization only for Va text and shop and leave the rest of the game at it is it only has brought issues

you may want to run a few scans on your pc. I don’t get any hiccups or fps drops at all!

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I only freeze for a couple seconds after loading screen finishes
Think its just an UE3 thing

no MMO shouldve been made on it

Scans for whate exactly? If not a single other games has this issue, what am i scanning for?

I think the game has bad codes, really bad if you compare with other games. When you open, it freezes few seconds before it opens, whatever you open it happens. It is SUPER ANNOYING how bad it is and there are so MANY issues for this game. No matter if you have good computer, it still happening. If I have to be honest, Lost Ark is one of the MOST annoying games ever I have played.

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These issues have been reported months ago but aparently nobody cares not even CMs seem to forward these


  • Im assuming you are using an SSD? I tried running LA on my older non-SS drive and it was horrible, the game suffered badly. cant remember if it was specifically fps

  • Im assuming you’ve looked at task manager and performance across CPU, GPU, ram, disk read and write and that you’ve updated your drivers… ?! Im also assuming you dont have leagues of unnecessary services and processers running on your machine? im also assuming you are in windows “game mode”?

  • Have you checked your GPU performance / spec?

  • So all that said, a cpu shouldnt never naturally overheat these days (unless you previously overclocked it) unless you have an obstruction against the fan, or your ambient temperature is in the 40oC / 108oF range AND you have the machine running for hours and hours on end at high heat (it cant dissipate the heat effectively enough)

  • My issue is lag spikes, but thats not your issue.

I dont really agree with this. I think alot of the caching and progressive loading code isnt bad at all.

These are not the issue every other game runs just fine its just lost ark is a pile of mess

Yeah, thanks bro Ive done all that and more. Way more.
Theres literally no fix aside from “dealing with it” and theres enough people who can run the game fine, to the point its not amazons concern.

Facts, I play loads of games from divinity, to overwatch, league, witcher, monster hunter. The list goes on and Ive never had issues with anything, aside from LA.

No ones ever gonna have perfect code right? Theres too much that goes into it. Thats not the problem though. KR and RU servers run perfectly fine, hell…I even downloaded the RU client again to make sure I wasnt trippin’. Sure enough, the game ran perfectly fine.

intresting tbh
what kind of pc setup you have?

As Ive said in the original post, Ive done everything possible on my end to fix this issue. Ive even wasted money buying a new cooling unit AND cpu prematurely. This is not a fix thats possible on my end, Im aware that others can run the game fine, I used to be apart of that group when we played RU/KR servers. To reinterate what I said in this OP, theres just not enough of us standing together to make the issue known to the amazonians, so I guess the only solution is “just deal with it”

Something is wrong on your side I think, apart from the 2minutes or so loading time the only game hindrance I experience is due to a broken access point I am waiting to be changed.
I also run novsync and useallavailable cores on my Lost ark steam startup settings.

i5 6600k
gtx 960 at first

upgraded to i7 6600k
gtx 2070 and running that currently

Keep in mind, the previous setup ran perfectly in the other servers,
so I reinstalled the old hardware thinking, “maybe I bought faulty hardware”
yeah no, my hardwares fine.

Do you have any software that might monitor and ‘óptimize’?

What could be wrong that would specifically effect one of 20 games?

As others have stated, sounds like a problem on your side as I’ve not had those issues. Just because other games work find doesn’t mean that the issue isn’t on your end. It could be ANY number of things thats causing your issue. Things like a bad driver, bad install, hardware issue, etc.

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And why is it ONLY effecting LA? Im gonna keep asking that because its the only thing causing the issue, and yes Ive reinstalleed this 80gb game like 4 times, and verified the steam folders another 10 times