Please fix the icon bug

if any devs see this, fix the bug where an icon gets stuck on your mouse. also this coincides with not being able to right click something to dismantle


Hi @dosip91 thanks for reporting this issue! I’m moving your post from the French to the English-speaking “bug report” for extra visibility, thank you! :slight_smile:

Furthering this, a report has been made to the development team. Thanks!


Bump this has been going on for a while now. You have to leave Valtan raid if you run out of any pots. Even if you have 30 boxes of pots in your bag you can’t use it because of this bug, and you have to leave the raid and relog. It’s beyond me how fixing this wasn’t a priority

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This same problem happened to me a long time ago and then went away. But ever since the latest big update, it has happened frequently. Specifically it happens to me after I do the Thunderwing field boss. My right click stops working and when I go to drag and drop something to test if my left click is working, the item gets stuck to my cursor and the only fix I have found is to restart the game. Very annoying.

Looked for this being reported as it has been happening to me since the weekly reset on May 26. It seems to me it happens when I am using CTRL or ALT in my inventory. Somehow it action I intended doesn’t happen and the icon is then stuck to my cursor. Like previous posts, the only way to fix this I have found in to go to the character select screen or sometimes if I zone to a new area and the game has to load it will go away, this is not consistent though.

It also disables my ability to type in chat. so I can’t speak to party until I leave channel or switch characters. This means I have to hope the party picks me back up, which in the case of Field Bosses or Ghost Ship has been unrealistic, since they think I left without saying anything.

The icon is not the only issue, it can happen with a complete “window” like the character sheet fyi

My work-around is to tp to my stronghold which works 8/10. If that wont work i just switch character and it works 100%. Sucks tho…

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Oh, thanks for the tip! (:

almost 5 days and it’s not fixed?

It seems like this happens when I do something like try to use a card right after coming out of cube or similar. Something is probably going wrong with whatever goes on during the loading screens and input is screwed up after. The best work-around is to hit ESC and change characters as far as I can see, though if someone invites you to a map or such that triggers another loading screen, that may also fix it.

I’m suspicious that the problem with the loading screens is also related to this because every time I’ve had a stuck icon, it was immediately after coming out of a map or cube or similar when I tried to use a card XP item.

Bump this up man, cause this is still an ongoing problem

Yes still a problem and we don’t know if this will get fixed in next patch? They didn’t even fix the :red_circle: bug under titles… since release.