Please fix Tulubik Battle

It is nigh unplayable when the teams are stacked so one-sided. On the blue team, we were out-numbered 2:1 and it got worse over time as morale dropped so low that people disconnected and/or AFKed in base against the unwinnable odds.

I tried all strategies I could: shoot from afar, try to capture bases in the back, sneak around looking for stragglers… but always I would be outnumbered 3:1 or worse. The only points I could get were from some assists (since artillerist can barely get kills when outnumbered).

Can we please remove the faction restriction in Rowen and just have the sides be balanced in terms of faction ranks, ilevels, and the like? It isn’t fun to be the loser before the match even starts. To make things a bit more concise… here are my suggestions:

  1. Normalize ilevels and stats, and disable: tripods, gems, cards, and item usage (akin to adventure islands with pvp elements).
  2. Adjust faction balance to backfill gaps in the sides (e.g. if 20 Preigelli and 60 Liebertane sign up, move 20 of the Liebertane players to the Preigelli side temporarily). Otherwise, just remove factions altogether in Tulubik and fill the teams evenly as players sign up. There should never be more than 1 player extra on a given side (in case of an odd # of players). Also introduce faction channel caps during the Regarbank so that one side isn’t over-dominant.
  3. In the case of deserters/afkers, kick these players and scale the remaining players’ health/damage/etc accordingly to compensate a bit. Either that or add some AI-controlled powerful NPCs that will help pick up the slack on the underpowered side.
  4. Add anti-snowball mechanics to prevent one side from utterly obliterating the other. This happens a lot when a “whale” guild signs up as a raid team and brings a whole coordinated team of 1590s with maximum everything. Hopefully, with the ilevel adjustment this could be averted.

I want to enjoy the game the developers create but this type of imbalance and unfairness is really frustrating for players. Lastly, if the developers truly just want to ditch this content and give up. Give the players equal rewards regardless of contribution and win/loss status. It isn’t fair to have slower progression due to the game’s inherent imbalance.

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Thanks for your input @Verthandi Does anyone else have thoughts on this?


Fortunately I’m finally done getting my rank up, so i can ditch this garbage content. All i have left is two engraving bags i don’t really care about, so i might as well just do weeklies to slowly get the bloodstones i need to buy them. After that i’m doing what koreans did: never going to Rowen again. Fuck that garbage.

Oh, and that problem you mention? It’ll only get worse and any changes, will come long after you are sick and tired of that content anyway. That is assuming SG even cares enough to do something.

Another day, another dumpsterfire…

For the record I have YET to see a victory in Tulubik after 5 tries. It just isn’t possible with the stacked odds and the whale guilds combining on one side (red team). There was this one destroyer that was 100% unkillable and they went supersaiyan almost the entire battle (like a giant soldier with 99% DR and immune to all cc).

Really fix this bad game mode before it becomes impossible to even get rewards.

totally agree with @Verthandi , if the balance is too hard, atleast have the faction reset once every season or something

I would say start by reducing the difference between factions to 10-50, no reason one faction should be full and the other almost empty.

Maybe randomly assign factions every week?
This should balance all Rowen related stuff.

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I think being able to select your faction is fine but for the events, randomly shuffling the teams is a good thing to get a better balance and prevent whale teams of 24 players from tipping the boat over.

No reason to change anything if the content that whales are farming keeps coming back (yes, you are their content).
If they can’t have fun then the entire reason for creating this mode is gone and you are pretty much suggesting that they shouldn’t be able to crush non-whale players, so no fun for them.

It’s not really whale content tbh. It’s just trash content. Devs need to realize nobody plays this game for PVP so wasting resources creating it is just misguided. Once we buy out the shop nobody will queue for it anyways so don’t get overly invested in the “fairness” of team distribution. Get your contribution and move on.

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Im right where you are , got my card pack will get books from weeklies and never be back

Honestly only result is, that noone play that content. I did it twice on Gunlancer and never again.

1st - classes are horribly balanced, AoE ranged classes or classes with CC immunity dominates. You get killed by players who are not even visible on your screen.
2nd - it is too fast to kill, how absurd it is, that some classes can delete others by basically one spell? This is partially problem of gear, but also problem of lack of ability balance for PvP. It is visible how are devs clueless, for example last nerf of Summoner pheonix by 20% did nothing. As long can Spec summoner charge that thing every few seconds, such change will not solve anything.
3rd - factions and possibility freely switch between them. Players have no real reason to stay in one or another faction if that faction is objectively weaker due to less PvP players (or less players in general). So what will ultimately happen? People will stack in one faction and due to lack of MMR or even player balance in battleground will be one faction rolled again and again.

There is so much wrong with Tulubik and Rowen PvP in general, that I think it will be never fixed, it is simply bad content designed by people who probably never played PvP in any MMO.


dont even bother- im also on Preigelli and i just do it once a week for the min faction xp - even a quick loss is better than having a close battle in terms of time efficiency

It also is super boring for the winning side if you are not a whale/juicer. Coming there with an average setup at 1490 means you get insta killed from the most basic attacks. You also can’t get any contribution awarded which means you can’t capture the 2 side points (which require 150 contribution)

There is no situation in ANY MMO that should allow non-equalized PvP, expecially in a shameless P2W MMO.

It’s sad but you can clearly see Diablo Immortal took inspiration from Lost Ark. There are a handful of whales who will swipe tens of thousands of dollars to get this advantage and go 50-0 in matches. These ~100 whales actually combined to pay AGS ~1 million USD for this advantage. Let that sink in.

It’s working exactly as intended. if you didn’t swipe 10k into your PvP char you aren’t meant to have fun. You are meant to be farmed by whales for a few months to obtain one selectable card pack. It’s despicable, pathetic and exactly what you should expect from AGS and Smilegate.

I found the way to cheese contribution on the losing side but still it was 20 vs 48… REALLY unfair to play like this.

I used my barrage artillerist and had to resort to exploiting invincibility mechanics. FYI you can use the staircase tunnel from your mainbase to just outside to get yourself 5 seconds of invinicbility. Thus I simply cheesed by attacking for 4 seconds, retreat into tunnel, exit tunnel, repeat. I got a hexakill that way (ended up 30 kill vs 2 death ratio).

For the love of the game… why won’t the developers FIX this.