Please fix your garbage game

Please fix your garbage game cause this is stupidity.

I just wasted a total of 250 pheons + alot of gold on stone cutting to try and get a 7/7 stone and after I cut 27 stones I didn’t even manage to get even 1 7/7 stone

What the hell is this crappy system ? Please fix this garbage faceting system you have cause something’s wrong there

Before anyone comes with the usual argument of, “BUT IT’S RNG”, I’m gonna stop you before you even do because this game’s rng system isn’t even normal compared to how rng is supposed to work


Obviously it’s not rng, it’s rigged.

That’s the whole point. Money sink.


the odds of cutting a good stone (7/7, 9/5 or 10/4) is around 6%, so on AVERAGE you get one in around 16-17 cuts. Obviously if you’re unlucky it can be more than that so yes it’s RNG.

I’m not a fan of the system either but the math really isn’t that hard… Everyone thinking the numbers are rigged should go take some math classes, if it really was rigged you think people wouldn’t have noticed by now?


If you’re so sure of yourself I’m waiting to see in the paper how a player is suing AGS/SMG in court for lying about the % posted in game.

It’s time to act instead of posting your message because you can’t get a stone 7/7.

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If i was trying to cut a 9/7 stone i would say that you’re absolutely correct here, but not when it comes to a 7/7 stone

Listen this is no joke but I have failed 3 times in a row with a 75% and succeeded 3 times in a row with a 25% ON RED. Like what the actual hell. I’m sorry but the RNG % in this game aren’t accurate


A 7/7/4 stone has about a 4.81% chance of getting it, so 16/17 stones already give you a good chance ^^

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I cut 27 stones and no 7/7 so by your reasoning i should have gotten 1 so far xD

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6% Chance is 6 out of 100 so u could fail 94 stones and the math still would be accurate.


But I’ve seen so many people fail to make 7/7 stones that I’ve never tried to make a 7/7 because there’s no way I’m going to cut 60/80/100/+ stones to try and save money in the end it costs them more than buying legendary books outright.

I’ve seen so many people fail that I never tried ahahahah.

4.81% = 7/7/4 Unless I have 1000 pheons and 100k golds in the bank and don’t know what to do with them why not :smiley: .

75% = 3/4, so imagine you have 4 balls, 3 blue and 1 red and you place them in a bag and you pick 1 at random 10 times. The probability of you picking up a blue ball is much higher compared to you picking up that red ball.

Going back to our topic now and applying that same logic, it doesn’t make sense that you fail 3 times in a row with a 75% chance cause the probability of that happening is extremely low

If you think it’s really rigged go on and prove it, cut 1000 stones record every tap and report your findings.

if you think it ain’t than you’re delusional and you have no idea how probability works and you should go back to school

yeah i know what you mean because i spent around 60K gold in total for all those pheons + the stone’s cost on market. If i just upright bought the legendary books I would have spent much less in total

Tinfoil hat kekw


Clueless, it could happen and it will keep happening, for every unlucky guy like you there are abunch of us who one tapped +20 brel with like 1% chance kekw

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it is RNG 3 days ago i cut a 8/7 stone for my summoner lopang alt.
But i do think they should just remove pheons from stones.

only 27 stones ? the chances of getting a 7/7 is pretty low.

100% agreed but that’s not gonna happen because they’re greedy MF’s

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9/7 stones are pretty low to get but not 7/7’s. I have never in my life failed so miserably in getting a 7/7 stone before these last few patches. there’s definitely something wrong

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Nah it was always like this.

People cut thousands of stones didn’t get a single one.

Problem is you can’t find the reddit complaint threads since they quit a loooong time ago

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