Please fix your garbage game

“How often do you tap 25% on a blue row vs a red row?”

Very rarely do I tap a blue with a 25% trust me, while I tend to tap a lot of reds with 25%. While I also tend to fail quite a lot on blue with 75%

“Why are you talking about accessories, they are completely irrelevant in this discussion”

ERMMM no ??? They are relevant because the accessories random % drop rates also have been rigged same like faceting. Have you even been paying attention or is your mind just spouting whatever comes to your brain ? I also mentioned that I did a sample test of 200 accessory boxes giving you the results but apparently you failed to read it, so no it’s not just my own assumption

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Have to celebrate somehow so I’m updating this. After 50+ stones I’ve finally hit a 7/8/3 that I have dropped, don’t even know when, I just had it there. It was late at night and my expectations were literally 0… and there you have it lol. RNG at its finnest

Considering Ive wasted well over 400 pheons would have been nice if they blessed me with a 7/9 but naaaaaah game said not today ;D

The sample size is the 800k players that ragequit the game because of the rigged rates.

Case closed.

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If you have friends or mates who wants to play with you or even go SSF with you, ok, but if not, enjoy gatekeeping searching for a group in Raids.

I love SSF (Solo Self Found) and I play in that way in other games, but here without a serious guild or enough good friends, its literally impossible.

Some stones took me sub 10 tries for a 9/7
Some chars don’t even have a 7/7 after 50+ tries to this day


Dude you seem to hate this game so much, chill.

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It s called money. One day you will understand its value hopefully

That should be also true with hitting blue on 75% streaks which it aint tho.

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This, cept they have 7/7, but yeah it took a lot of pheons for some.

I would like to see person that would go to court About rigged chances in game 10/10 reasoning

Mob mentality works exactly like that
If milions of ppls get caught on ponzi shame its legit business then

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There has been several cases tbh. Expecially in mobile gaming. None ever reached court ofc. But those are part of the reasons EU has developer and is even strenghtening legislature regarding “gacha” and “loot boxes”.

Amof a couple years ago most of loot boxes were forced to add to rhe lootboxes tooltips with accurate % of drops in details.

Ofc, taking as example an heros game, this kept the ratio between good champs vs useless champs 1:9. To explain better, the x% stated in the tooltip being the base rate for a legendary hero was real, but inside that x% the chanches for every single hero werent split fairly. And no law as of now touches those grey areas. But will.

As for out of mobile gaming, belgium and netherlands with their strict policy provide a great benchmark for predatory free to play games. If they arent published in said Countries it s usually (i repeat, usually) because either they dont wanna let their rates known or because the rates advertized are not the real ones, being it hero drops, shards,or any gambleable item.

buy. books.

Not really
Those countries just want their cut on hazard part of the game
Its heavy taxed usually
And games with that bring milions of revenues, sometimes daily, without paying that tax

You might have it wrong there pal. We re referring to belgium and netherlands. They dont give a f bout quotes, it s just a “no”

well i dont live in there so i will not argue
question is if they have any gambling games allowed or not, from what i heard from ppls in there its not a problem when you pay the tax thats where my comment come from,
but if you are from there there i suppose you have more accurate info on the topic :wink:

in my country Gambling things are heavy taxed from 10-50%
thing is politicians are to old to care about things like gambling in games :wink:

if you dont want to admit you game have heavy gambling mechanics i would say you may not want to get licenses in there

" To offer online games of chance such as online casino games or online betting, you need a licence (in Dutch). You also should fullfil the requirements to prevent gambling addiction (in Dutch)."

Then why are you talking?

Belgium and netherlands have been the ones giving a huge cutdown to the proliferation of predatory games to prevent abusivity and people to become gambling slaves in videogames.

The first and most famous step they took at time was banning fifa. Or better say banning the predatory cash grab which is ultimate team.

In those countries you can still buy and play fifa, but that gacha content is completely removed and forbidden from the game.

Id invite you to do a couple google searchs to understand better why a game “banned” or “blacklisted” in said countries is a red flag.

In the end all AGS needs to do is put pity system for the stones.
Like if you fail 20 times, next is guaranteed 7/7

Like there is pity system for the honing.
Such system is needed so the difference between the lucky (first time 7/7 stone cut) and unlucky (50+ fails) is not that big, and the first said are not with 100k gold ahead of the other just from luck

All they need to donis remove pheons from nrg elements like stones and tripods.

They know they monetize on them the most, thats precisely why they “diminished” costs on items you literally buy ince or twice.

And everyone wagged tails and said ty not knowing they were chewing on a spicy crap nugget.

cause you being right dosent make me wrong on this topic
admiting game have gambling mechanics in 2 countries could put tax in others,
if someone would actually bother to check that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
changing game to not have those mechanics in there would also not go unnoticed for sure :slight_smile:

its big cake to bite i really wonder when governments will catch up to this :wink:

we can argue about nothing, really, if you like that :wink:


the problem is not the rng stone itself. its the pheon cost that makes even a 1gold worth stone, to actually worth a couple of thousand gold.
You will get your stone. I wasted 200 pheons and i managed one 7-7-0 and one 9-5-2. bought myself the cheapest legendary engraving needed and there it is my 5x3.
If you think about it tho, you say you wasted 400 pheons. 400 pheons in EUC is 100k gold. and thats the price (around 120-130) to get a decent engraving (not grudge) to max level. So, you can either choose the rng option, or you can get legendary engravings and be settled with a worse stone, until you get lucky or more important UNTIL THEY MAKE A.S. COST 2-3 PHEONS PER or at least make the pheon cost scale with the price. Paying 10 gold 9pheons its dumb af, paying 3000gold 9 pheons (its still dumb) makes more sense.