Please fix your goddamn game. The patient ones are starting to get tilted

I don’t whine on forums, ask for compensation, and be a baby…

This is ridiculous. I cannot even get past page 2 on an AH search. DC’ing from raids CONSISTENTLY. I haven’t had a valtan or vykas this week that at least 1 person didn’t DC from.

Please…fix your servers. Maybe it’s time to force 2-fa or phone verification to prevent bots from ravaging your AGS servers.


You don’t need stable connection to servers or a working auction house to buy skins from the F4 shop. For what is worth, the game is fine.


Allost 1.250.000 Players left. The Patient Ones are Long gone. 50-70k are the Ppl with no other Idea, whatelse todo with their lives.:joy::joy:

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Bots are killing it. Wondering what are they selling in the AH 24/7…

Leg books for 2-9 gold? What is the point?

Oh, so the people that went from “stop crying about everything babies” are now inclusive!
This is great development
I hope AGS and their LA servers burns down to the ground


Dungeon loot / trading skills materials and what ever else they can sell.
All day Oreha lobby is full of bots looking for carry, so loot for them to sell and from there . Weird is some of them have engravings learned but all have the same once , so i think they are and buying from the market.

ffs fix this already you dam clowns

Is anyone not disconnecting / experiencing AH + Marketplace issues? And disconnects when swapping characters? I get it’s Thanksgiving weekend but why would you let your game sit in this state before a long weekend? Are you trying to get people to quit?

They have no earthly idea as to what they’re doing. Most of the acid that people pour on them probably goes unnoticed by the people that SHOULD be seeing and experiencing the player feedback.

It’s likely that things get super filtered out so that it doesn’t come off as top priority and if true, makes it a problem with/for the community team.

They buy and resell and sell gems, they run scripts to purchase any kind of things like fish etc. that are listed under the ‘going rate’ and relist them etc. etc. etc.

It’s all really easy for them to do and the only solution is to be actively banning these characters running the scripts from the servers…only as we’ve all seen AGS or SG or whomever is dealing with this on the dev side is incapable of solving the issues. Considering this has been an escalating issue for 4+ weeks now the outlook is not great.

Add on top of that the very vague communication we get about ‘we think we have a fix’ only to have that fix not work almost every time. Then they go silent again for 2-3 weeks aside from your normal CM ‘we know it’s an issue sorry mate’ responses we get regularly.

Lost Ark as a game is fine, but all the issues they can’t solve around the game is becoming exhausting for a lot of people. Once it’s not fun anymore my suggestion is just to leave and not play another AGS title again, give your money to companies who prove they’ll make their products worth your investment of time and money instead. All a shame really because the KR version of the game is more or less good even if it has it’s own smaller issues and annoyances.


Gonna have to agree. Fix this bullshit.

I’m not experiencing that on euw. I’ve experienced 2 disconnects over the last week and none during raid/important content.
You should all come to euw :slight_smile:

FIX THE GAME YOUR PLAYERBASE IS TIRED OF YOUR INCOMPETENCY. Your body is unclear joke filter KEK you can filter forums this heavily but cant fix the bot issue hmmm priorities right?

for their mains ofcourse also these MFs are flipping the destruction stone like non stop.

Fix this.

Flag this entire thread if u are going to flag this as spam

Yes its THANKSGIVING to everyone who supported them…they giving more than AGS offering.

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