Please fix your indie servers!


7 disconnects in 1½ hour today. This is getting absurd Amazon, one of the biggest companies when it comes to servers in the world - And we are left with the absolute dog when it comes to stability?


Me and my static run X6 Vykas/Valtan. We’ve seen 22 Disconnects so far today across all players. in 3 Vykas runs so far.

Come on. Work harder. It’s been 3 weeks now and the disconnects get more and more frequent. This is not good enough.

I bet it’s not even in the game code, but EAC settings and they know about it and don’t want to change it. Close to positive on this call.

Doesn’t matter what causes it. They should fix it. Making hugely incompetent calls and doing 180’s on statements from CMs is one thing. Not being able to actually play the game is another.