Please for the love of god.... Stopp EAC to be required UNTIL one passed the ridiculus quere

Waiting for hours is a pain in the a**… The multiple starts required to even get INTO the query is BS… to wait minutes for the client to start thanks to EAC - please… no!!!

but the biggest thing… since we have to wait HOURS OVER HOURS, we still have a running EAC session for a F*** login screen and a Number that is slowly decreasing… Now, if you fancy a game that DON’T let you wait for hours just hope it isn’t using EAC as well. otherwise, you are S*** out of D*** luck.

So… please… fix the server load OR fix this at least so I can play at least other games while I wait for this one.

By the way, reducing the whole Login screen to something that doesn’t require resources for WAITING would be even better. But EAC first. PLEASE!