Please, for whoever controls it, I BEG you to adapt prices by localization

As title says, I beg you guys to look onto this.

I want to spend money, I want to buy stuff, I want to buy platinum founder’s pack or hell, any package at all, but you don’t let me. Pricing by localization should be a thing and not just a straight coin conversion, even more when we are getting our own brazilian/south american servers.

I’m brazilian and as most of people knows, it’s not the best (nor the worst) country to live on. For comprehension sake, here we are paid in Real (R$) and the minimum wage is around R$1.100/month.

Since $1 = ~R$ 5.30, here are the founder’s packages prices at Steam:

Bronze R$83,49
Silver R$139
Gold R$279
Platinum R$556,99

I would buy the platinum one with my eyes closed if it was 99 bucks like the ‘real’ price, but no way a healthy person would pay half of the minimum wage (556 bucks) in the box, the rich kids supported by parents or basement dudes would, but not an average person. Even the bronze one goes deep into your pockets considering what it gives.

“But you can play totally free”, yes we can, but we don’t even have the opportunity to spend if we want to.

The conversion doesn’t need to be 1:1, but something needs to be done, and while people buying stuff cheaper and using elsewhere is and should be a concern, I’m certain that are other workaround on this, like locking items in the region they are bought or something.

We brazilians had this problem since always and companies are increasingly starting to look over this, it’s probably a Smilegate thing since New World was somewhat different, I can’t remember the the exact prices but while I paid R$25ish on the game, a friend bought it for €15ish, please help us! :heart:


Technically, only Bronze pack which does not contain RC can be regionally discounted. Otherwise it would be used as exploit.

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We have shared this feedback with the monetization team, as mentioned by fox above, fraud prevention/regional pricing exploiting is a factor the team has to work with when making these pricing decisions.


This is actually very nice to hear! In the brazilian case, $99 (USD) is R$521 (BRL) – this is 43% of our minimum wage and 90% of us make less than R$ 3500 (BRL; this is a real statistic) a month (R$ 521 is 15% of that value) T_T

I can only imagine how regionalization is important for other countries as well!


I don’t know if it is possible, but maybe you could regionalize just the in-game shop prices and keep the cost of RC in real money unchanged.


It was made way harder for Steam, to swap Region + charging Money, due the inflation in Turkey and other countries.

I asume people who gonna hard “abuse” the System now will be way less, so thats some point to concider.

That just moves problem to another part of supply chain. It can work only if no item from in-game shop is tradeable. Even one tradeable item would lead to exploitation.

But if that “leaked” in-game shop screenshots are true at least in Crystalline Aura, it is purchaseable both via in-game currency and real money.

So maybe Crystalline Aura purchase via real money could be adjusted to regional prices without being exploited.

(Just throwing stones into water while thinking what may work.)

A suggestion i have would be to create a new “dlc” item on steam that would only be visible for SA region and that would have region pricing, with a new item Ags could make it so that anyone that purchases that item id can only redeem it on SA servers

I see the issue for EU, but I meant it as a solution for the SA region only, in which all coutries within would fall under the same regionalization. Since cross-region trading is impossible, it wouldn’t be a problem for EU and NA players.

There was discussion about people who make accounts with some “Exclusive” names and will try to sell it for big money.
I had no idea that there are such crazy people, so I googled.

There is even black market with steam accounts that have Founder’s Packs purchased in cheaper places.

So, when thinking about exploitation of holes, I am not thinking about few gamers in low income countries. I am thinking about practically illegal businesses which will sooner or later ruin game for profit.

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I won’t. Legit no one buy this packs, only people buying the packs who would have cheated anyway.

I mean, the game will be doomed in EU anyway, with all the Bots and stuff ready. Trust me, a few people buying Crystals cheaper, won’t break the Economy, player’s will already do that, thanks to F2P :smiley:

What are you talking all packs are in the top-selling on steam XD

Top Selling means nothing in Steam, Steam Topselling is based on other factor’s, in last few month / weeks etc.

It is kinda missleading for people not know how steam works. Top Selling could mean 100 People bought it :smiley:

I doubt so many people buying Founder Pack’s in other Regions anymore, since Prices are quite stepped now, which make it no longer worth (since you bought it for the Crystals, not the other shit included)

You can still buy the Founder Packs to run a 2. Account tho, for a Bot or what ever, but that’s it.

It goes buy how much total money it made not how many have sold. However we are still ahead of dying light 2 which has seen a tremendous amount of sales, so I would say a lot of people have bought the packs.

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Yeah, for sure. I mean, we have to wait and see, but Regional Prices won’t ruin anything, if they just don’t make Regional Prices, people just will setup Bots to earn Gold, which they can exchange afterwards.

So they can either Take Bots or money, so for Amazon I would prefer the Money xD

Steam already has systems to prevent exploit, Amazon Games with Steam can make it work.

Just change the prices of the INGAME store for South America, problem solved, that way people from other regions won’t be able to exploit the prices and a single skin won’t cost an arm and a leg for us


regional prices are really important for the long run

If you recall the issues we had with the Turkish Founder’s Pack prices you will see that we already experienced this problem.


We definitely hear the feedback and we’ve shared it with the monetization team to see what solutions are possible.