Please, for whoever controls it, I BEG you to adapt prices by localization

Thanks for the response, but please take a closer look to our region… That would make a real difference to not let the game ruins here…

The Turkish problem only happened because of the way it was implemented, there are several suggestions here on the forums on how to implement regional prices without allowing people to exploit it.

One simple way to implement regional prices without allowing anyone to exploit it would be to have lower INGAME prices for SA, so if an Avatar costs like 1000 Crystals in NA that same Avatar would cost like 500 Crystals for SA. That way only people playing on SA server could use the regional prices, very simple yet effective solution.


so what i dont see what the point i am from bulgaria our salery is 600lv which is 300Euro and the plat packet is 99Euro for us so we are on the same ship

That was a response to a statement that Steam has the tools to prevent that exploitation.

Regarding in store pricing, we provided these suggestions and feedback to the monetization team.


Please share this with the monetization team: we in Argentina have a 65% tax when purchasing things from Steam, etc… the actual price of the platinum pack is insane by default but then when with taxes is half the salary… i know that the taxes are our problem, but it would be nice if you guys reconsider the prices, so more people can spend money in the game here in Argentina.


Thanks, this is a big concern for us since it can potentially KILL the SA servers before they’re even live. I love this game and I’ve waited for so long, I just want it to be successful and fair to everyone <3

TBH you should change this now BEFORE the launch!!

Please do everything possible, I really want to spend on this game, however a direct dollar conversion is impossible for us Brazilians to enjoy the game our minimum wage is 1,212R$ and a direct dollar conversion 1R$ = 5US$, this becomes very expensive for more than most Brazilians

launch is in less than 14 hours, it is far far far too late for that.

3 days for the official launch

they could still change during the EA

You’re right I’m going to refund and wait for their “feedback” response

Why not block regions, if you are from south america you will only be able to access the servers from south america, if you are from europe you will only be able to access the servers from europe, if you are from north america you will only be able to access the servers from north america, if you have a server in your own region with a stable ping why would you want to play in another region? So each region could have its store located


Yeahhhh, i don’t want be trapped with brazilians in SA so i prefer going to NA that it also has a better economy.

Lol, so buy a plane ticket and live in north america, it doesn’t make sense 99% of players are harmed by a minority of players who want to play in a different region than their own

I paid this for this game without any confirmation of Brazilian Portuguese language support :smiling_face_with_tear: Still not sure if I did it right haha Come on AGS/Smilegate, bring to us at least a decent region support.

BTW, in the current cotation on google, R$556,99 is equal to $105,81, so yeah, we’re paying more then US folks in the end of the day for less server avaiability, less language support, less community engagement, etc. That’s why Brazil, using the OP words " it’s not the best (nor the worst) country to live on". We’re still treated as a subcateogry of people that should pay much more to have a minimal service attention.


You don’t pay more in usd value, we still have to pay tax, yea not having regional pricing sucks but don’t lie about it.

This was platinum

maybe true there but not to eu lol $105 is 92 euro, but our prices are at 99 euro which is $112

Please help SA , the dollar is 5x more expensive than the Real for example, our Argentinian friends will suffer a lot with these prices for the in-game store.

btw if the price of the store stays in dollars, this will drastically reduce the amount of players who will support the game by donating to the store, I think it’s better to have the price regionalized and with that to have a lot more supporters for the game.

this needs to be reviewed as soon as possible. :heart:

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I hope a solution is found even if I don’t live in your region. I would be frustrated in your shoes. Let’s hope the monetization team figures something out. :pray:


100% agree on that.

1€ can’t equal 1$

Also € has the same price no matter where in Europe you live. Y’a know… Some countries inside EU are more wealthy than others (it goes up to making 3x or 4x more money than in poorer countries). Imo that’s really unfair, please take this into consideration.

I’m gonna make a comparison here by minimum wage by country (amounts are rounded for easier comparison, the difference is max 50€ ±)

  • Latvia 500€
  • Slovenia 1000€
  • Germany 1750€
  • Luxemburg 2250€

Now currently all those countries have Plat founder’s pack priced at 100€.

It’s simply unfair and should be changed for long run monetization.