Please, for whoever controls it, I BEG you to adapt prices by localization

♬♬ Cause i know the smallest voices they can make it major ♬♬

Not an exploiting factor if you allow it for the SA region only. People would have a big latency if want to join here, I don’t think they would sacrifice their gaming experience due to cheaper crystal.


@Seawolf still nothing? :thinking:

We need these prices regionalized ASAP. Other games did it with no explit happening, u guys should do the same. I actually think theres no interest in fixing it for us.

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Its just what I said before (and apparently they deleted) we’re second class citizens to them, they couldnt care less and wont do a goddamn thing about it, “diversity and inclusion” is only for their webpage and commercials, only places they care about is the places that makes them the most money: NA/EU. Interesting fact is that if they lowered prices they would stand to make more money but they just dont care, thats how little we mean to them.

Pretty sure thats an lgbt thing and not a country thing lol

Its also a racial thing and it might surprise you but people in SA are latinos and a lot of them black and hispanics, people in SEA are well… asians and they didnt even got a server, also people in NA/EU are mostly white, I mean I dont care if you wanna make products for rich white people just dont advertise otherwise.

Thats pretty racist.

no its not, get yourself a dictionary and go learn what racism is you tool.

This rigth here kiddo, youre basically saying that only “white ppl” can afford stuff lol

Stay on topic pls, they are ignoring it already, this is making things worse

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