Please give access to harder solo content at the start of the endgame

For some characters and some builds, endgame content is too easy at the start. It would be nice to be able to have more of a challenge.

I’m ilvl 354 berserker, and I’m struggling to find anything challenging to do solo in endgame content.

The game wont let me go into higher chaos dungeons until my gear score has already leveled me out of any challenge. At ilvl 340, I was clearing the 340 chaos dungeon floors in 1-2 minutes solo, far from the 5 min limit - but I cant’ try the higher level one.

Similarly, the tower won’t let me go past floor 9 - my clear time was sub 1 minute per floor all the way there. Would really be nice to be able to keep going til I die instead of being gated on getting over powered first.

I’m sure it gets harder later, but would be nice to have a challenge at the start of the endgame, instead of feeling like a mindless grind.

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ilvl 354…isnt really consider endgame stuff, more or less it is still noob status…You should probably go all the way. Currently, this topic isn’t something to talk about. My ilvl is 600 btw, there is a moment where you will start finding it challenging…

just try to do pvp with your class or try to do solo pve with another class like bard if you want harder content!

CrazyFireMan: I guess we disagree on the definition of “endgame”? I define it as where the game starts giving you repeatable content that is more tied to “do this thing that gives you a way to progress some gear based goal” instead of “follow this story across all these zones”. From what I can tell on YouTube, most people agree with my definition. My point is, for people who like challenging content, it gets kinda boring to do the same easy thing on repeat every day - would be nice to be able to opt-in to something harder, and would probably keep people like me playing the game long enough to reach the tier 3 endgame later on.

Wait till you get to 4th T1 boss… have fun :smile:

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You must be redirecting the conversation to the point where you are trying to find a way where you are right.

Let me correct you on that; how I stated my comment and answer is exactly relevant to your question on the definition on “endgame;” which unfortunately you haven’t achieved. That ilvl 354, again, is ‘noob status.’ Game hasn’t even been released for 5 or 6 days and players like you make it seem that is already the end. There is quite more than you think there is, again keep playing the game and experience it instead of placing negative topics like this on the forums of how the game should be formatted.

Also no, those people on “youtube” are in the same boat as you to not experiencing the game as a whole yet. Five to six days has passed I wouldn’t trust those “youtubers” because it’s bias at best. Don’t be one of those players who say, “this game sucks, and then comes back and plays the game and complains some more.”

Me: Game is fun, wish I could have more fun with harder content.
CrazyFireMan: You’re a noob and have no business making comments like this!

… lol

Also: You calling Sywo, and all the other KR / RU content creators noobs too? k… They call this endgame too.

Also also: I didn’t ask you to define endgame, I asked for harder content being available earlier in the game. If you don’t like my use of the word endgame… uhh, I guess write a big old post about it then… Please take a break, this is the game feedback forum. Hence me giving some feedback.

MentalNoob: Can’t wait I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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The only real challenging end-game solo content I think is in the cube (though I’ve only done it once) and it has a horrible RNG based limited entry system and I think people prefer to do it in a group. Maybe in the tower as well, but I think that stops at a certain point.

My main is 540ish ilvl and your choices for content is either faceroll easy but grindy and time consuming solo content or abyss dungeons that require a lot of good timing and coordination from a coordinated group after like the first 3. Not sure if there’s much to do in-between somewhere else but it’s kind of disappointing if you solo or pug a lot.

Since writing this I’ve powerpassed my Paladin and started running the same content on that class — and I think I see why these artificial restrictions are in place. Unfortunately, if they removed them, it seems like you would have a huge advantage in early endgame progression with with some classes vs others (Paly just doesn’t have the boss burn that Berserker has) — so I guess it maybe makes sense to keep them?

I wonder if you can go find challenging islands somewhere…

None of the 300-380 content is notably “Difficult” but that’s because it’s literally the starting content of endgame.

There’s absolute no mmorpg in the industry where you immediately finish your campaign/leveling and you’re throw into “challenging content”.

The 420 Guardian is a big challenge spike, and I would highly recommend going to solo that, while remembering it’s still VERY EARLY in the progression. This way you can get a feel for how things get harder the farther you go.

TL:DR - You’re barely breaching endgame. There’s no MMORPG where it’s immediately hard, this is all normal and your expectations are weird.

Yeah, at least the guardian raids actually get more difficult, I’ll probably try to solo them at some point too. 420 was a lot more fun than the others before it. I still wish the same applied to the Tower or higher Chaos Dungeon levels.

I don’t agree with “there’s no MMORPG where it’s immediately hard” — for example, back at launch of ESO at max level you could easily find challenging fights out in the open world. Meanwhile in Lost Ark almost all content I’m allowed to do by the game right now I one or two shot the elites and bosses.

Please let me know if I’m missing something to try (e.g. Can I go to higher level islands before reaching the level requirement? or are those locked too?) I’ve tried Chaos Dungeons, Gates, World Bosses, new zones, few islands, Guardian Raids / Cube (both actually present a challenge, which is nice; cube is not repeatable, less nice). I’m saving Abyssal Dungeons for when my friends get to max, so hopefully those will be fun too. Anything I’m missing?

I’m sure part of why I’m finding it like this is because I’m waiting for friends to catch up instead of rushing to T2 / T3. But I bet the game will lose people at this point. After spending 10-30 hours leveling up, which was mostly a cakewalk for Berserker, I’m then presented with more dirt easy content to grind through for power + more story where I one-shot everything. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was bored with the combat sometimes :frowning: Which is sad because the skill and combat design is really good!

notes in order:

  • The fact that you’re not pushing tier 2 content yet and still unsure of the game’s difficulty ceiling feels like a rushed review. Not trying to be insulting, but just scroll through how much more progress you still have and see.

  • Yeah, 420 is a notable power spike from the previous, and it more or less keeps getting harder. This is still the literal FIRST PAGE of the guardian list, so gauging difficulty off this is very artificial. The last tiger on the second page (still nowhere near the end) is NOTABLY harder than that 420 boss. Even with a gear advantage. And there’s still many more after HIM.

  • ESO has changed a lot since it’s release. It came out when people literally didn’t know what an MMORPG was. That game is a relic, you’d be much more fair comparing it to any game that came out in the last 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, the game still exhibits success despite it’s age which is VERY impressive. Just not relevant in the market that they’re trying to capitalize on.

  • Yes. In short, there’s a “Speedrun to tier 3” titled guide on that most players who care about progression have already followed and are lightyears past you with the same playtime. Anyone in your situation of “waiting on friends” already made alts for those friends to play with. Aside from the 2 powerpasses, you get 9 knowledge transfers for 600g each (I get that on 1/3 of my alts’ dailies purely F2P) all amounting to NO SHORTAGE of instant-302-ready-to-go alts. All of which have a free full material tower too.

Without getting too carried away, myself and my buddies can have an alt in 420 gear literally day2 of them being boosted (day 1 if we go overboard on funneling with other alts). Then if any of the super casual buddies gets a character leveled-up, I can hop on any alt and still do tier 1 content with them. Also each alt is making gold for me to mindlessly waste on main or other alts.

The Abyss Dungeons also start to get roudy in tier 2. there’s one where the group needs to perfectly rotate kiting and grabbing swords then beating a stagger check on the boss and it’s really cool but also an interesting spike in “Team Difficulty”. That’s around when it starts getting spicy.

Guardians do become a lot more difficult, the 420 one is just the start. Chaos dungeons however will always stay easy and are just there for your daily mats farm.
The 2nd tower, fadespire, does become quite a challenge. I hit 1302 today and still can’t beat floor 47 which is for ilvl 1000 i think.

Also the real challenge are the abyssal dungeons (and abyssal raids that we’ll get in a month), however they are not solo content.

Thanks for your thoughts, glad to hear we have stuff to look forward to :slight_smile:

Part of why I’m waiting for friends is the fun of going into new content blind — which I know very few people bother with in the age of guides. I’m sure I could be T3 with my current playtime and then make an alt for friends, but I didn’t want to spoil it.

My original request here was not “make everything harder for everyone” — it was simply this: I wish I could go into content solo while under the level requirement. That’s it. Let me get smashed by a Chaos Dungeon 100-200 above my ilvl. Who cares if I try to push for tower level 15 with 302 gear. It literally hurts nobody, and lets me have fun while I progress my ilvl.

That’s a very different request but I’d imagine a lot more people would agree with it.

The ilvl gating in the grand-scheme of the game does actually work well and make a lot of sense, but when you’re first jumping into it, especially in your case where you’re purposely hindering your own progress, yea I can get where you’re coming from.

Without writing a thesis on why the ilvl gating is honestly good for the overall health of the game, the short version is that it wouldn’t feel bad if you weren’t purposely holding yourself back to wait on slow people. You’d get a lot more out of playing a different game when your friends aren’t on, based on your concerns.

You are full dps class, you can also think about support that have to do contents and can’t do with all groups as pleople are not all playing at same level. They need more time than you have to.

And you don’t even reach the end-game. You only access to oldest part of the game. Go on T3 content before complaining on game difficulty please.
You are on a mmo, not a solo harcore game, everyone should have the power to do the story/base content without any concern of how they play (harcore or casual).

I really dislike this attitude of “grind and rush to endgame before having an opinion please”. Like… why?? Why should you have to wait til the end of the endgame to find something challenging to do?

Do you really prefer for people like me to get bored and drop off the game instead of having fun and sticking around?

I’m not asking for any changes to any content for anyone else — just the ability to try content that is already there while I’m under leveled (solo, so I don’t hold anyone else back), for a bit more challenge…