PLEASE give us an option to pay for infinite Appearace customization

I’m clinically diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Because of that, I find it VERY difficult to just “leave things along” with my characters’ appearance. It’s one of the reasons I’m grateful for having the Preset appearances, because I feel like those are hand-made by some artist, that I KNOW they’ll “fit” the game’s environment.

But still, there’s so much customization AVAILABLE, I would 100% take advantage of it… IF I could tweak my appearance over time.

For example, maybe I decide to give my character a slight tan. But oops! In-game he’s actually SUPER dark, so maybe I could lighten him up a little? Or hey, his eyes are a little TOO blue, I could scale it back a little…

Right now, it would be unreasonably expensive to pay for all that, just for teeny, tiny little changes. But if I could pay, like, $80 or something upfront, and have infinite customization? I could see having an AWESOME time making each character look unique!


Or at least let small things like hair color and type easier to change.

I 100% need this, especially since KR rolled out new hairstyles. I know I’m going to have the urge to change my looks once that hits NA. A “cosmetic” subscription would be nice too, if it’s not possible for AGS/Smilegate to put these functions in crystalline aura

Coming from BDO, their subscription allows unlimited cosmetic changes and outfit dyeing (altho dyes will disappear when subscription ends). I’m okay with a $10 subscription (separate from crystalline aura) that allows you to change your appearance however many times and dye your clothes for free. But at the end of the day, it’s probably not profitable for AGS or Smilegate to implement something like that, so they won’t.

I made the same mistake for my main. I regret that his hair color looks darker in game and his skin is yellower than character creation screen. He was already passed 10 level when I hide his helm and check his face so I couldn’t delete due to name locks up for 60 days.
I already created few more characters and checked them in game couple of times (not satisfied 100% still) so If I ever decide to move back to euc I’ll make sure to use newer presets I made. :sweat_smile:
Atleast changing hair color and model could be free. Skin color might be a good idea too as you suggest it seems logical for rp too.
Oh and I spent the longest time on eyes. Toke screenshots even to compare.
I get you 100% percent op. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I would love to have this feature aswell!

Or just include infinite character customization in the crystalline aura, like BDO has with it’s value pack.


i would also like a season pass with 3 or 4 char customization plus free skin sets

+1 on free hair color and style change. Maybe make it cost silver or something but it shouldnt cost real money. Most games let you change those minor things without having to buy a total reskin.

With gender lock being a thing, a total reskin shouldnt even cost money tbh. You cant change height or anything body related so its not like it has to change the armor looks you have. Hair doesnt even effect the helmet in anyway since the helmet skins change your hair.

Yeah, you can only barely see your character anyways, so it’s not the most meaningful purchase to begin with. But as said, at least for myself, I’d love to just be able to tweak things here and there. Like, getting the EXACT shade of blue eyes I’d like, or the just the right skin-color.

Like I said, I’d be more than happy to pay extra for that as a sort of “Infinite Re-Skin Voucher” or whatever.