Please give us any sort of powerpass with destroyer

Short story: when i first started the game i was overwhelmed by the number of classes in this game. so i had to try them out to find a main that suits my playstyle. Unfortunetly in doing so i wasted my 9 vern knowledge tansfers in trying classes. So right now i can’t ever knoweldge transfer another character from level 10 to 50 ever again. Meaning i will have to MANUALLY level any other class from 10:50 i can’t imagine myself doing that chore ever again tbh.

Tho it’s my last free 6th slot and i might be in the minority but i can imagine some people having similar experiences like me.

Destroyer is a slow class so leveling him from 10 to 50 would be a pain in the bottom…

So please just give us any sort of powerpass either paid or free. Even if it’s a tier 1 vern pass i will gladly take it.

Just please consider this. I don’t see how could this have any sort of negative impact on the game or the players.