Please give us artist for anniversary!

Pleaseeeeee give us the Artist for the Anniversary Event it would be the best thing you’ve done for months. I really want to play this class since release in EU/NA I’m so bored with my paladin I just want to quit the game.




Make a bard and we can start a band :notes: We can call us the “TwangGang” :notes:


Give us SLAYER* yes

Full support, but zero faith.

they will profit more with her in April

Youll get bored of artist too dw


No I really want to play a fun support and Artist is fun paladin and bard aren’t.

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1.- Thats subjective
2.- Everything becomes boring once you play for a long time
3.- i do want to get an AYAYA too
4.- I really hope that they release it sooner but that wont happen, sadly-




You don’t realy need to ping him, he will come here eventually as usual, every time he read the word “Artist” he spawns kekw

He can’t resist.


crazy thing is it doesnt even affect him in anyway since he is playing russian version


Sigh… You care way to much about me and what I do + say, it’s creepy

Fair enough you disagree with me, have different opinions, but a couple of you are getting obsessive over what I do + say.

“play abit”

you havent played for 6+ months

also you talk about black shadowhunter, why do you care?

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Bcos im anti westernization and censorship, duh


I did play in Nov + dec. You wouldnt understand, but that graph is % playtime compared to other games on your steam account. I.E I’ve played a lot more of other games since may than I have west LAO, like RU LAO and other MMORPGS/gachas

Then don’t play in the western version, stay on RU lmao
Why are you in this forums in the first place? go to mail ru forums

Are you literally confirming you are here just to cause uproar? interesting

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But I am a westerner? I would play this version more if it wasn’t for the abundance of issues, and not just westernization/censorship issues.

You’re not in any position to gatekeep what regions I play on for a video game lmfao. get off your pedastool.

If dogshit changes happened to RU/KR i would go or inven and post there btw.


You are anti westernization, ofc a game on the west will be westernized.
So you are literally here just to cause uproar and negativity.

(we already knew your agenda since the beginning tho since you made over 700 posts on the artist topic)

Surely lol

This is just untrue fam.

You have 0 perspective + knowledge on other eastern games that come to our market, where there are no changes.

Only translation + VA. No blackwashing, no censorsing, no “westernization”…