Please give us more than a 1 day notice for Valtan

Topic essentially says it all. I’m currently pushing my 3rd and 4th alts into T3 to funnel more mats to my main and have more revenues of gold, which means I will be using a good chunk of my materials to do so. So I’m begging you to PLEASE give us more of a heads up before the Valtan patch.

I know you generally release patch notes the day before a patch, but the Argos release came out of nowhere and made people feel like they had to rush due to FOMO, which angered a large part of the community and was clearly a mistake. I’m fine with AGS making mistakes, many game studios do, but the good ones learn from them and avoid making them again. Even just letting us know in the patch before its release that it will be coming in the next (instead of leaving us to assume or guess which Thursday it will release on) would go a long way, and would allow us some time to properly prepare.

2nd week of may, assume it will come out then as intended.