Please give us more vertical progression opportunities on our mains

I know this is outside of the scope of what AGS do but please forward back to smilegate players would like more forward vertical progression on our mains.

In the latest stoopzz podcast saintone came up with a decent solution. He mentioned one extra daily on the charater selected as your main on the title screen.
I think one extra of each daily and one extra weekly of each event on our main character would be an excellent way of giving players the opportunity of playing for a little longer on the character you enjoy most.

The amount of time I’ve done all events and runs on my main but i still want to play on my main (which I’ve invested so much time in) but i know time is better spent logging into my alt and doing my dailys there. A few extra things to do on my main that didnt feel like a negative time investment would be great.
Stoopzz went on to meantion a challenging type of boss rush, where you’d fight abyss bosses (with mechanics). Challange gaudians are a great start, more things like this please.

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