PLEASE guys, start using health potions and awakening skill

It is hilarious people saying content is difficult, when you can see some players doing that “impossible” content by themselves.

But the reallity is that people are not using awakening or consumables skills in guardians, chaos, whatever…

I am not really speaking about flares, which are really helpful. I am speaking about %healing potions… C’MON!!! Do you think the game is difficult, however everyday I can see players not using healing potions in guardians, of course, not killing them.



Also stop using your feathers on PvP islands xD



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XD had to breath really hard after this :smiley:

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Counter point

Make those consumables more available and cheaper, and I will consider using them.

oy dude its already super easy to get them do you want them for free or what :smiley:


The moment I see someone use a feather to resurrect on a PvP island, I will do everything in my power to go out of my way to target that person and kill them again.


You can craft a weeks supply after 30-60min farming.

That’s pretty available, at least in my book.


yes, that is the problem, they can even say awakening skill consumes item (cost is 250 silver…), they want all free, all easy, that you can do it without anny effort just base on hitting with high iLvl. That is why they complain, and they are not even taking consumables…

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even a 30% potion recovery is better than none and is not expensive to make at all.

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True. And 30% are all you need before you hit the real endgame.

Nobody is using bigger potions in t1 or t2.


@bytestream depening on your skill some players struggle more and need bigger pots but even 60% is easy to get if you google for it there like 100 pages about it telling you how you can achive them in a short time but people are just to lazy and its easier to complain instead to actually think what the say :smiley:


Can I just point out the game does a poor job teaching the player how to play.
I just discovered (2 days ago) that the % Potions actually works in Abyss/Guardians. Normal Potions do not work, so I just assumed the % ones didn’t work either. Very confusing and counter intuitive.

I played 3 weeks not knowing it, and just discovered it by chance when someone in group asked why people weren’t using HP Potions.


I’ll be the first to admit that I did not know that either.
The info text says “potions don’t work” so I assumed all potions are refered to.

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I have to refuse. Basic attacks and dodging should be enough :smiley:

The confusing part is that you can use the % ones but not the Normal one. Why?
I have hundreds of normal ones which are basically pointless, why even having them in game?

cause therse more gamemodes then this where you can use the normal ones?

I only used 30% for now, and was clearly enough for all content i did.

Also, because of WoW/FFXIV being a lot a DPS rush for hard content, people just… try to rush DPS on boss, and so, while not able to read patern well (because they discover simply…) they take more damage. (So use more pots).

Guys, most bosses in t1, t2 and early t3 have a large enrage timer. What people aim is to kill boss, and your teammate will prefer have 2 more minutes in the fight, and kill the boss, than trying to get it ASAP but seeing you die, being suddenly useless in abyss, or consuming all joker in guardians.
Play safe learn patern, find when you get time to do a little, or even more DPS. Find how to get this time.
YES i dislike when a newbie do small damages and so the guardian die in 7 minute and not in 5… but i hate even more when he consumes the 3 rez in 4 minute because he tries to DPS non stop and get hit by everything…

We are here to learn, so take time to learn pattern, play safe when you discover boss.

Ill finish with a clear example. I did nearly no nacrasena in t1/T2 (rushed brainlessly thru t1/T2 with island help… so the 12 first guardian, my main did fight them 1 or 2 time each… ) and so, i “really” discovered nacra with “armored nacrasena” in t3
while first day, even with playing safe (as melee so… frustration to being around 33-50% of time away from hitting him) i had even to repot in begining (so used more than 5 pots. And now, i use rarely more than 3 pots per kill (yesterday kills = 2 pot in second one, 0 in first). and in melee range as close as possible of 100% fight time.
I played safe, learned patern. I am no “god gamer” just i learned fight, i trained. and now it is a trivial one for me.

Use pot, and DONT FEAR to not DPS nonstop.

because the %pot where not in the same shortcut than the “normal” one, we had a hint about it also.
but “intuitiv” or “logic” is not anything objectiv with all people having the same view.

And the game don’t insist enough about the “battle item” system. (this specific short cut bar for pots, bomb, nade and utility) it is totally right.


+1 your absoulte right on this its a trial and error

+1 learning all these patterns is a must.

You have also to learn your char habilities to superarmor, escape, counter, …

For all those that have recently realised that % healing potions can be used on these stages, I’d suggest to spread the voice, please! :rofl: That is what this post was created about, to spread the voice to use all capabilities of their chars, and not doing the rush-dumbness, because it doesn’t work in this game…