Please guyz fix your server its getting worse everyday

whole week i had terrible ping spikes except monday was everything fine. Today i just did 1 boss run and it was fine did the 2nd one and this. game froze for 2 min then suddenly started moving for 1 sec then froze for 2 min more and then disconnected and lost my ticket.
Please dont tell me to troubleshoot as i have already done everything from my end. please fix your server it looks like anyone that plays from outside with 170-200 ping is getting this massive ping spikes.

Hey @Kameha hope you’re doing well.

Really sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue for some time, Since you already attempted all troubleshooting you can head to the following link to escalate this situation, our peers would be able to request proper information to investigate this issue:

Rest assured we want to provide a great experience and we are doing all we can to achieve this. I’ll proceed to update the information as well.

Hope you’ve a very nice day and see you on Arkesia!