Please help - bug on groups

I did a group to make Oreha 2 times on hard; The first run went very well, the second was bugged at the beginning, I entered the area, it took me out after two-three seconds and and when I left to re-enter with my whole group it was marked as if I had done it.

Please help, it only happened with my character named Kionhe in NA Est Kharmine server

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us @OhneTempo , we’re really sorry for the experience you’ve had while doing your Oreha Dungeon.

Please know that since it’s been only a couple of hours since you’ve gotten disconnected from the dungeon, you have to wait the estimated time of maximum 24 hours, because all eligible and proven disconnected (by the game server) players will automatically receive their additional entry within these 24 hours, so please, wait the estimated time in order to receive the additional entry if eligible.

You can read the full article of the official communication on how this system works at: Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts

Also you can try this steps also to avoid those issues :

Thank you for all the patience and take care.
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